Heel-Wearing Woman Eats Ice After Los Angeles Kings’ Win

By Gil Alcaraz IV
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Just in case you weren’t sure, heels and ice are not a good combo.

Unfortunately for one damsel, she was forced to learn that lesson the hard way on Friday night after the Los Angeles Kings defeated the New York Rangers to secure their second Stanley Cup in three years. During a live telecast as the post-game festivities went on, a shot of NBC’s Mario Solis catches the women getting a face full of ice in the background.

Watch here, and prepare to watch a few more times after that. Trust me when I say that once is not enough.

While it is certainly unfortunate for the heel-wearing women, it’s hard not to chuckle every time you watch her eat it. I mean, what was she thinking? Why would you dare walk out on ice while wearing heels? Most people can’t maintain balance on blades or even regular, flat-footed shoes for that matter – what made her think she could keep her footing in heels?

It’s hard to feel bad for her considering her complete disregard for common sense. So instead, we’ll laugh at her misfortune and hope that, next time she decides to take the ice, she’s wearing shoes with significantly more traction. Or just chooses to stay on solid ground. Whichever works best for her.

At least there was one guy nice enough to slide over and give her a hand.

If you thought Henrik Lundqvist had it rough laying out on the ice following the Kings’ game-winning goal, imagine how this lady feels. At least he can go home knowing he played one hell of a game – the lady just made of a fool of herself.

Just embarrassing…

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