New York Rangers Should Do Anything To Get Rid Of Rick Nash

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing I wish more than for the New York Rangers to get rid of one of their biggest trade busts in franchise history, Rick Nash.  I would do anything to get this player off of the Rangers, and I mean anything.

Nash is literally robbing the Rangers’ organization and their fans of money and team success. He has a $7.8 million cap hit until the 2017-18 season, and has literally done nothing to earn anything anywhere close to his contract since joining the Rangers in the 2012-13 season.

In 65 regular season games this season, Nash recorded 26 goals and 13 assists and in 25 playoff games recorded, three goals and seven assists.  The man is nothing more than an overrated “elite” player, a word that is overrated in itself. I mean, if Nash is elite, then so is Benoit Pouliot, who scored two more goals than Nash this postseason.

It has gotten to the point where the name Rick Nash is the punch line of every joke. His offensive production compared to the money he makes per season is an embarrassment not only to the Rangers’ organization, but to himself as well.

If there is any way possible the Rangers can get Nash to waive his no trade clause and then dump him on a Western Conference team for a player and a draft pick, while the Rangers even agree to still pay some of Nash’s salary, I would jump at that chance in an instant.

If Nash does not want to leave, then figure out a way to force him out, because the fans are frankly tired of him and no one wants him here anymore, along with hopeful offseason buyout Brad Richards.

Nash’s career with the Rangers can easily be summed up in Game 5 of this year’s Stanley Cup Finals against the Los Angeles Kings in double overtime, where he had an empty net and got his shot deflected over the net by Kings defenseman Slava Voynov.  Not long after, the Kings would score in that second overtime, win the Stanley Cup in 5, and send the Rangers home empty handed.

It’s obvious that Nash cannot handle the pressure of playing in New York, and as a result, the Rangers just cannot succeed with him on the team. It’s time the Rangers’ organization admit they made a mistake in acquiring him, and send him packing immediately. I honestly do not ever want to see him in a Rangers’ uniform again, and I am not the only one.

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  • Dov Ivry

    I agree entirely. Nash was really an unknown quantity because he had only gone to the playoffs once before coming to NY. For whatever reason he flames out in the playoffs. I’d like to see if Kesler wants to come to play for AV. Some say he doesn’t. He’s a Selke winner, gives you 25 goals, and goes to the front of the net in the PP. If he was available, I’d trade Nash straight up.

  • Format_Police ☆

    This could be the single dumbest article of all time. He is among the league leaders in Corsi and Fenwick. Rangers are a much better team with him on the ice, and if you watched the games instead of looking only at the goal column, you would have seen that Nash was doing absolutely everything right on the ice. He played a very physical, complete game and generated a TON of chances.

  • Format_Police ☆

    You, Mr. Carollo, embody everything that is wrong with sports journalism (especially in NY.) You know absolutely nothing, yet you churn out sensationalized garbage. You also do not speak for all Rangers fans. Every intelligent fan I know does not want to get rid of Nash. In fact, no one is even talking about trading Nash. Why is this even an issue?

  • Thomas Behnke

    Asinine article. You can’t be a Ranger fan for very long if you think Nash is the biggest bust acquisition. The clown parade list would last a good fifteen minutes before Nash ever appeared and that isn’t even going back very far. Do the names Holik, Stevens, Kovalev (returning) Jokinen, Drury, or Gomez ring a bell? Nash is an elite player who has struggled in the playoffs. He had a concussion this year. He DEMANDS team’s no.1 defensemen and makes room for his linemates. If you build AROUND him, he will be a monster in the playoffs as well. I admit we are paying a bit too much for his playoff production, but without him we don’t make said playoffs. You will never get value for him, so you keep him and hope Kreider turns into the monster he is threatening to become. Then Nash gets more room and more points.

  • Jackie Saadia

    Rick Nash is a fucking Joke. You obviously don’t watch Ranger hockey if you still want him on the team. Dubinsky and Anisimov are 10x better than this pylon. I never like him from the start. Skates like he is under the tree in NYC not like he is on the ice of the Stanley Cup finals. Don’t get me started with his 180 spins that 9.9/10 send him to the ice. Nash cost us this season for his lack of heart, offense, and the fact that he missed an open net which I could of burried on my off hand . Facts. You could put JT Miller in the NHL for a season and he will put up 26 goals too. Get rid of Nash, Keep Richy I like him. Stick with the homegrown talent for the future.

    • Brandon Fitzpatrick

      Keep Richards? Do you even watch the games?

      • Jackie Saadia

        Get rid of Girardi too then he played like shit all finals.

  • Brandon Fitzpatrick

    So his career can be summed up making by a great defensive play on him? makes sense