Calgary Flames Overpaying Deryk Engelland Is The Worst Deal Of NHL Free Agency So Far

Deryk Engelland

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There have been a lot of both good and questionable signings for different franchises since the NHL free agency period has started, but the biggest head-scratcher so far has to be the Calgary Flames signing former Pittsburgh Penguins winger/defenseman Deryk Engelland to a three-year, $8.7 million contract.

Engelland, who was a healthy scratch multiple times for the Penguins last season, will earn $2.9 million per year and is the newest addition to a list of overpaid players that will be in the Flames lineup.

In 2012, the Flames signed center Jiri Hudler, who was used by the Detroit Red Wings as a fourth-line player, to a four-year, $16 million deal in order to try and bring some scoring onto a roster that had just lost Jarome Iginla. Hudler has improved, and even led the Flames in scoring this past season, but shouldn’t be making close to $4 million per year.

To put into perspective how absurd Engelland’s signing is, the Chicago Blackhawks are paying Brad Richards, who had 151 points over the last three seasons with the New York Rangers, only $2 million on a one-year deal next season.

Engelland shifted back and forth between forward and defense for the Penguins, but he will most likely be a common blueliner with the Flames. Compared to some of his teammates, Engelland is only making $1.12 million less than Mark Giordano, the Flames’ captain, and only $225,000 less than forward Matt Stajan, who had 33 points last year, which is only 14 points less than Engelland’s career total over the course of 243 career regular season games.

The Flames paying Brandon Bollig $3.75 million over three years is a bit excessive, but there is no explanation for the Flames giving almost $9 million over three years to a guy that has only 18 points and 112 penalty minutes over the last two seasons.

Shane Darrow is an NHL writer for Rant Sports. You can follow him on Twitter @ShaneDarrow

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  • angelo talarico

    Its called getting to the salary cap floor

    • Matt Kirby

      Exactly. No context or perspective is applied whatsoever. The Flames HAD TO SPEND to reach the cap floor, they have a young team that requires some veteran presence, it’s only 3 year term which isn’t terrible, and this team LITERALLY had money to burn. Anyone saying this is a bad deal simply doesn’t understand what they’re talking about. Anyone who says this is the “worst deal of free agency” is just plain stupid. Hackjob sports “journalism” right here.