Antti Raanta, Wingman of Dreams and Twitter Romance Savant

By Sean Sarcu
Antti Raanta Chicago Blackhawks Twitter Hacked
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The Chicago Blackhawks and their fans are mired in the dog days of the offseason’s mind-numbing dead period, so Antti Raanta went ahead and got his Twitter account hacked by the increasingly infamous #KIK. Fun for the whole family!

#KIK has weaseled its way into the Twitter accounts of several well-known hockey names lately, notably Trevor Linden. Apparently there are plenty of “cute chicks” out there to be had, and Matchmaker Antti was out in force on Sunday night. As of this writing, the uber-wingman has extended 226 invitations of potential love.

It began innocently enough.


Cute hugs, and three of them! Who wouldn’t go for that? Raanta’s starting strong.


What a nice guy.


First comes the promise of hugs. Later comes the heartwarming life lesson.

But things would take a turn for the perilously raunchy.


Are we reading too much into this? Milk is important, and Raanta may not know quite what he’s saying. It’s the message that counts. Drink your milk — Antti cares.


There are several ways to interpret this, really.


Alright, we aren’t reading too much into this. Raanta brought us hugs and then he brought us inspiration to follow our dreams. Then hilarity ensued and he brought us moist giggles.


That’s really not necessary, Antti. @jdbadmire would prefer our aforementioned life coach Louise, or perhaps a cute hug.


I’m not entirely sure what the function of the word “passive” really is here, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Raanta provided some bored Blackhawks and NHL fans with a bit of fun on yet another night of zero hockey news to discuss, and that’s a win for the whole world.

Keep a tight hold on those Twitter accounts, folks.

Edit: It looks like Raanta has flown off into the sunset, deleting his Twitter account and leaving 200+ beautiful loving relationships behind. Long live Matchmaker Antti!

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