Los Angeles Kings Should Re-Sign Jarret Stoll Soon

By PowerPlayCJ
Jarret Stoll
Robert Mackson-USA Today Sports

Forward Jarret Stoll has done all of the little things to help the Los Angeles Kings during his tenure in L.A. Winning faceoffs, shadowing opposing star players and chipping in the timely goal define what Stoll means to the Kings. The 32-year old two-time Stanley Cup champion will be a free agent next July, and the Kings should see to it that he ends his career in Los Angeles.

Stoll is entering the final year of a deal that is paying him $3.25 million per season, which on paper is a slight overpayment for a third-liner, but speaks volumes about the respect the organization has for him. Giving him a deal for a similar amount that is of reasonable length (2-3 years) is fair for both sides.

While surely there would be teams that would overpay and give him a longer term, Stoll surely understands that sacrifices must be made to remain with a class organization like the Kings.

While Stoll did sustain a concussion in last year’s playoffs, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern as he has missed a total of eight regular season games in the past three years. That type of durability is an asset for a team that relies on consistency throughout the lineup.

It may be pointing out the obvious, but Stoll clearly enjoys the perks of being a member of the Kings and all that Los Angeles has to offer. His vital role on the team is only half the story as he has been in several high-profile relationships (he’s currently dating Erin Andrews and was once engaged to Rachel Hunter) and has clearly embraced the Los Angeles lifestyle.

The Kings hope he has embraced their winning attitude enough to stick around on a team-friendly deal that will keep him around for the duration of his career.

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