Duncan Keith Finally Addresses Rumors That Teammate Patrick Sharp Had Affair With His Wife

By Seth Lassen

Even as the Chicago Blackhawks skated their way to their third Stanley Cup Victory of the past six years last month, there was an off ice story that just would not go away. According to Terez Owens, a source within the team said there’s a belief that forward Patrick Sharp slept with Kelly-Rae Keith (pictured above), the wife of Blackhawks teammate Duncan Keith (you can read the full story HERE).

On Thursday, Keith explained to David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune the reason why he would not be in attendance at this weekend’s Chicago Blackhawks Convention. His explanation finally disproves the rumors once and for all.

“I am going through a divorce. I’ve been separated for over a year now. I think right now my time needs to be spent with my son and I’m doing everything I can to spend as much time with him and dealing with a lot going on right now. I hope everybody can respect that and our privacy. Kelly and I are doing our best to co-parent colton and raise him in a loving environment whether he’s with her or with me. That is part of that.”

Keith continued by addressing the rumors involving Sharp:

“I’m not going to lie: It has been a long year and extremely difficult. I know there was a lot of talk throughout the year regarding Sharpie and that was all a complete fabrication as well. My divorce had nothing to do with anything except what was between me and Kelly-Rae, and that’s where I’d like to keep it.”

“Hopefully people can respect that and give us our privacy to move forward and co-parent our son. … It’s obviously not the way I wanted things to be or drew them up. At the same time, you have to find a way to focus. For me, it usually was getting to the rink and turning the switch to hockey.”

Sharp was traded to the Dallas Stars last Friday. It’s good to hear the reason for his departure is salary cap related and not because he had an affair with a teammate’s wife. Now we can finally put this dispensable story in the past where it belongs for good.

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