5 Dirtiest Boston Bruins Players In Franchise History

By Darrell Samuels

5 Dirtiest Boston Bruins Players In Franchise History

Terry O'Reilly, Boston Bruins
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The Bruins are one of the original six NHL franchises, and over the years they have had some of the worst goons in Beantown. The following five players are just some of the worst goons.

5. Forward Brad Marchand

This video is just a small sample of how dirty Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand can be. Instead of delivering a body to body check into the boards, Marchand bends over and aims for Sami Salo's knees and therefore forces him to flip over Marchand's back. The sport of hockey is a difficult and dangerous game, but these types of plays have no place in the NHL.

4. Forward Milan Lucic

The former Boston Bruin, now Los Angeles Kings pest, always seemed to play dirty. The Buffalo Sabres and Boston Bruins are not immune to having very physical games against one another. Well, this play is no exception as you can see Lucic delivering a deliberate shot to former Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller. The NHL wants to take these types of hits to the head out of the game to avoid concussions.

3. Defenseman Zdeno Chara

Chara was a goon in his tenure in Canada with the Ottawa Senators, and it continued with the Boston Bruins. There is probably a big letter X on the back of his jersey at the Bell Centre. Montreal Canadiens fans would probably vote Chara as a thug and want the home team to deliver an equivalent hit on him. This one was especially disgraceful with Max Pacioretty's head bouncing off the side of the glass.

2. Right Winger Terry O'Reilly

The Boston Bruins chose O’Reilly during the 1971 NHL Entry Draft and wanted him more for his pugilistic abilities. If you put your hands on an NHL official, you are definitely warranted of a being a dirty player. The NHL officials may not always call a particular play in the manner players feel are 'proper' calls, but you simply cannot put your hands on a referee.

1. Entire Boston Bruins Organization

During the 1979-80 NHL season against the New York Rangers, this one game was proof enough of how the Boston Bruins play. This memory is engraved in the minds of many hockey fans. In this play, the Bruins forward Terry O'Reilly jumps into the stands along with most of his teammates and gets into physical fights with the fans attending the game at Madison Square Garden. This is not to defend actions of the fans attending that game, but in no circumstance should any fan be harmed by a professional athlete. The fans might be jerks or behave foolishly, but the players need to show some restraint. This was a definite black mark in NHL history.

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