New York Islanders Should Consider Trading Kyle Okposo

By Nick Villano
Kyle Okposo Trade
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Islanders have been at the front of trade rumors as of late. Travis Hamonic has asked for a trade, many saying to go out west. It is taking a while to make a deal because Islanders GM Garth Snow is asking for the world in return, which is understandable. Hamonic is going to get traded, but one other player could be dealt soon as well.

Kyle Okposo is going to become a free agent this offseason. The trade rumors for this guy have been around for years. Not weeks or months, it has been years where Okposo was part of fantasy trades. This is probably the last shot for the Isles to actually make a move on him.

The speculation is that Okposo will not be re-signing with the Islanders. That usually indicates a move is imminent. The issue is this team could be a true contender.

Honestly, the deals for Hamonic and Okposo could be connected. The reported asking price for Hamonic is another very good defenseman. If that changes, and Snow accepts a top-six forward in return for Hamonic, that means Okposo could be replaceable. Does that mean the Islanders should trade Okposo?

The Islanders are on the cusp of being good this season. They are tied with the New Jersey Devils, Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning for the two Wild Cards spots in the Eastern Conference. That isn’t where people believed this team would be coming into the season, but it shows they are still right in the thick of things.

If you ask me, the Islanders should trade Okposo. His value is as high right now as it ever will be. They won’t get an arm and a leg in return because he is a glorified rental, but a team will make a decent enough offer to bring him for the playoff run. The Islanders have enough good players that they can survive without Okposo. They have before when he was injured. They have John Tavares, one of the best players in the league. Besides him and arguably Jaroslav Halak, they could survive any other loss. Again, too many losses won’t help and they have to get a decent NHL-ready return, but they can survive losing Okposo.

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