Well-Rounded Montreal Canadiens are Still Winning Despite Carey Price Being Injured

By Will Billinghurst
Mike Condon
Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens have had the benefit of, arguably, the best goalie in the NHL for the last few years. But during all that time, Montreal was just a mediocre team that happened to have an amazing goalie. So how is Montreal supposed to win without Carey Price?

Well, the major difference between this year and previous years is that the rest of Montreal’s team is no longer mediocre; rather, the Canadiens are a dominant team even without elite goaltending in Price. Montreal currently sits atop both the Atlantic Division and the NHL with 18 wins in 25 games and 39 points.

With Price on their team, it’s obvious Montreal would have one of the lower goals against totals in the league, which they do with the fifth least amount of goals scored against them. Surprisingly, they also have the most goals scored in the NHL, even ahead of the offensively deadly Dallas Stars.

Because of Price’s injury, it was almost expected that Montreal would begin to drop in the standings since he had carried the team for years. But Montreal is still winning and it’s showing the league just how great of a team it really is.

Mike Condon has taken over the starting goalie role while Price is out and is playing great. In 13 games, Condon has won eight, lost two in regulation and three in extra time. His stats aren’t on the same level as Price, but it’s still very good for a goalie playing his first season in the NHL. Condon has a save percentage of .916 and a goals against average of 2.19.

Regardless of how long Carey Price is out, Montreal is in good hands with Mike Condon in net, especially with such a strong supporting cast.

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