Montreal Canadiens Would Be Foolish To Deal P.K. Subban

By Christopher Gamble

The Montreal Canadiens and P.K. Subban have been the subject of trade rumors for a while now. The first rumors surfaced around the trade deadline, but nothing came close to materializing. Now, thanks to Bob McKenzie speculating about the Canadiens shopping Subban this summer, the rumors are back in full swing.

The Canadiens were supposed to compete in the Eastern Conference this year, but injuries, especially to goalie Carey Price, robbed them of a legitimate chance to do so. The team does have needs, especially a top-six forward who can put the puck in the net, but trading Subban just doesn’t make sense.

Subban would be the Canadiens’ best trade chip, but they would have to do so before July 1 when his no-trade clause kicks in. That timeframe would be kind of small to get a blockbuster deal done, but certainly not a stumbling block if they wanted to trade him.

Trading Subban for a scoring forward would fill one need, but create another. There simply isn’t anyone on the Canadiens’ roster who can fill Subban’s skates. He is one of the best defensemen in the NHL. Unless the Canadiens are absolutely blown away with an offer, there is no way GM Marc Bergevin deals Subban.

In order for the Canadiens to trade Subban, they would need a top-six forward, a capable defenseman and at least a third-round draft pick in return. They won’t get that kind of package. Subban will be just 27 next season and is the kind of player you build around, not trade. The Canadiens had an off year due to injuries and could very easily jump into the race next year with a couple of astute free agent signings and a return of a healthy Price. There is no chance they trade Subban this offseason.

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