Nashville Predators Pumped Up By Tennessee Titans O-Line Chugging Beers at Game 3

By Anthony Blake

Success in the NHL is a new thing in Tennessee, so the Nashville Predators have relied on the city to rally around them as they push deep into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Lucky for the Preds, they share the city with Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, who brought his massive offensive line – and their beer-chugging ways – to Game 3 on Tuesday night.

In case you were wondering, these guys were good at something other than downing brewskis during the 2016 NFL season.

Those were the five men responsible for decimating beers at the game on Tuesday, but the Predators were the ones who took it to the Anaheim Ducks and claimed a 2-1 series lead with the win on the ice.

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