Marc-Andre Fleury Tears Up During Pittsburgh Penguins Goodbye Interview

By Anthony Blake

One of the toughest things to watch in sports is to see a player who’s spent his entire career with one organization get surpassed by a younger, better version of himself and eventually get jettisoned away.

In the NHL, that’s exactly what’s taking place with the back-to-back Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins and goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, as he said his emotional goodbye to the city over the past week since the season concluded.

But being his normal, jovial self, Fleury couldn’t stay somber forever, as the well-known locker room prankster broke out a signature pose with the Stanley Cup.

Marc-Andre Fleury has a little captain in him
CBS Sports

Fleury waived his no-trade clause to help out the Penguins organization and expose himself to next week’s NHL expansion draft for the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Though he will be playing in a different uniform for the first time next season, Pens fans will always have fond memories of The Flower.

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