The Winnipeg Jets Streak

winnipeg jets nhl

Not all streaks are winning streaks. This is not an article about a winning streak–it’s about overcoming a losing streak. When you are on a losing streak, you have to see where things are going wrong. You need to reevaluate […]

Washington Capitals Lose Again

Washington Capitals NHL

There are two sides to each game. Sometimes the losers of the game can be just as interesting as the winners. It seems that the Washington Capitals cannot keep it together. They suffered another loss against the Toronto Maple Leafs. […]

Toronto Maple Leafs Find Their Momentum

Toronto Maple Leafs NHL

The Toronto Maple Leafs are rolling on the ice–well, gliding on the ice. Sorry, I got my phrasing wrong. The Maple Leafs scored a victory over the Washington Capitals, 3-2, on Feb. 5.  The Maple Leafs lost on native soil […]

Columbus Blue Jackets Matt Calvert Reactivated

Columbus Blue JacketsNHL

With injuries all across the board in the wide world of sports, one NHL player is fortunate to be removed from the injured list and will be reactivated. The Columbus Blue Jackets have brought back left wing Matt Calvert. Subsequently, […]

Carolina Hurricanes: The Staal Brothers

Jordan Staal NHL

Brothers in arms, brothers on the battlefield are unstoppable. When something is as strong as a family bond, all things seem possible. That’s the power of family, that’s the power of a bond. This bond can be taken to all […]