Philadelphia Flyers: What Can the Philadelphia Flyers Expect from Matt Read in 2012-2013?

matt read

Matt Read has spent one very successful season at the NHL level with the Philadelphia Flyers. During that season he tallied 24 goals and added 23 assists for 47 points and asserted himself as a viable and threatening offensive presence […]

The Case for the Ryan Getzlaf Captaincy To Remain


Through the years the Anaheim Ducks have turned out such iconic captains as Paul Kariya, Scott Neidermayer and Chris Pronger, and have rarely had reason to doubt their leadership or spending lengthy amounts of time searching for replacements. Since the […]

Anaheim Ducks: Which Offensive Prospect Will Get the Most Playing Time This Year?

peter holland

If there is an NHL season, the Anaheim Ducks have more than a few vacant winger spots that will need to be filled by opening night. If there is to be another free agent signing from Anaheim, it would be […]

Anaheim Ducks: How What Will the Defensive Pairings Look this Season?

anaheim ducks defense

With three wingers gone in free agency, two thirds of their second line set to retire soon and two thirds of their first line with expiring contracts at the end of next season, you might think that the Anaheim Ducks […]

Philadelphia Flyers: Who Will Replace Jaromir Jagr on Claude Giroux’s Line?


Claude Giroux has no doubt asserted himself as the go-to offensive player and perhaps the de facto leader on the Philadelphia Flyers roster. Coming off a season in which he totaled 93 points, including 65 assists, Giroux has a lot […]

Anaheim Ducks: Will Bruce Boudreau Keep the RPG Line Together?

bruce boudreau

There’s a growing assumption that the Bobby Ryan fallout with the Anaheim Ducks has, at least for the meantime, been alleviated. If this is true, then Ducks fans can breathe a sigh of relief and start to look forward to […]

How Much Will Jean Sebastien Giguere Play for the Colorado Avalanche this Season?


Jean Sebastien Giguere has just signed a two year extension with the Colorado Avalanche. This means that both Giguere and Semyon Varlamov are under contract through the 2013-2014 season. Is it safe to assume that Giguere’s role as a backup […]

If Bobby Ryan Stays With the Anaheim Ducks Where Will Bruce Boudreau Play Him?


With the summer months coming to a close and the volatility of the NHL free agency period starting to wind down, trade talks and rumors have likewise quieted, at least for the mean time. One of the last remaining and […]

Anaheim Ducks Playoff Hopes Still Alive

The Anaheim Ducks staring down the barrel of a historically lengthy, eight-game, 15-day road trip looked to be finally seeing their second half push coming to an end. Now half way through that road trip the Ducks are yet to […]

Why the Anaheim Ducks Will be on Lockdown during the Trade Deadline

The Anaheim Ducks second half of the season has been almost the perfect inverse of their first. Whether you blame it on the messianic coming of Bruce Boudreau, or the threat to trade core player trades from GM Bob Murray, […]

Predictions for the Anaheim Ducks Upcoming Road Trip

At ten points out of the 8th seed in the Western Conference, the Anaheim Ducks are within striking distance of playoff contention. The month of February will have a lot to say about the Ducks’ playoff fate and whether or […]

NHL Playoffs 2012: Are the Anaheim Ducks Ready for a Second Half Surge?

If the Anaheim Ducks’ recent history is any indication, the team’s best hockey is yet to be played. The post Stanley Cup era Ducks teams have more often then not waited until after the all-star break to make a serious […]