Anaheim Ducks Don’t Need to Be Interested in Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller

When word hit streets that the St. Louis Blues had passed on the chance to re-sign goalie Ryan Miller, the veteran netminder who took his team to the playoffs in top form but failed to produce in big games against […]

Daniel Winnik Needs Stay With Anaheim Ducks

Daniel Winnik

Within the upcoming week, Anaheim Ducks left winger Daniel Winnik will become a free agent, but if the team is smart in figuring out ways to improve their playoff chances for next season, GM Bob Murray needs to figure out a way […]

Dan Boyle Would Be Promising Fit for Anaheim Ducks’ Blue Line Needs

Dan Boyle

When news broke that the San Jose Sharks would not be bringing veteran defenseman Dan Boyle back to the lineup next season, he was anything but reserved with his feelings about what happened; in the simplest of terms, Boyle explained […]

Retirements Begin to Pave Anaheim Ducks’ Team Legacy

Anaheim Ducks

Spend a few minutes with an Anaheim Ducks fan these days and while, yes, you are likely to still hear a bit about the Game 7 loss in the second round of the playoffs that sent the team and its […]

Anaheim Ducks Need Sami Vatanen to Succeed Next Season

Sami Vatanen

While it’s hard to poke holes in the Anaheim Ducks‘ regular season game, which took the team soaring into the playoffs in first place in the Western Conference, it’s not hard to find gaps in Anaheim’s playoff game needing a […]

Montreal Canadiens’ Dustin Tokarski Passes Major Test With Flying Colors

Dustin Tokarski

If it were physically possible for a noise level to cause the collapse of a sporting venue, the Bell Centre in Montreal would most likely be a pile of dust tonight, and no one within the city limits would be […]

Anaheim Ducks Need to Target Vancouver Canucks’ Ryan Kesler

Ryan Kesler

Over the course of the 2014 NHL trade deadline, perhaps the most popular name on the ballots, that actually was never traded, was that of Ryan Kesler, one of the current (for now) alternate captain’s of the struggling Vancouver Canucks. […]

Anaheim Ducks Need to Find Place for Devante Smith-Pelly

Devante Smith-Pelly

Sometimes it takes an athlete an entire season to make a name for himself. Other times, it takes only a few short weeks during the most watched part of the year to earn the right to a starting spot on […]

Jonas Hiller Deserved More from Anaheim Ducks

Jonas Hiller

Considering, at one point in the season, Anaheim Ducks goaltender Jonas Hiller was being hailed as one of the best in the NHL, how it all ended seems a bit surreal. In case you missed the Ducks’ playoff run, it […]

Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray Earning His Keep But Not Deserving of NHL Honor

Bob Murray

Despite the success of having led the Anaheim Ducks to the postseason two consecutive years, General Manager Bob Murray has not necessarily been the most popular in the organization at times; but then again, isn’t that just something that comes […]

Sting of Game 7 Loss Still Strong for Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks

Breaking up is hard to do. Despite a little over a week’s time passing in Orange County and the Anaheim Ducks moving well into whatever offseason plans the organization may hold, amidst locker room clean-outs and interviews held earlier in […]

Bad Game Will Not Define Chicago Blackhawks’ Road to Stanley Cup

Chicago Blackhawks

If you are a fan of the Los Angeles Kings, tonight you get to celebrate the small victory. If you are a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks, you ought to be celebrating tonight too — because your team still has […]