Washington Capitals Prove Skill in Win against Carolina Hurricanes

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Some might call them lucky; others will call them the Cinderella story of this hockey season. The fact is, the Washington Capitals are playing really well, and it has been really tough to stop them. Sure, Alex Ovechkin is hitting his […]

NHL Preview: Washington Capitals Vs. Montreal Canadiens

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Don’t look now, but the Washington Capitals are surging heading into the latter half of the lockout shortened season. Sure, they still have multiple games left, but if they keep playing like they are right now, expect them to have […]

Alex Ovechkin Ties Steven Stamkos for Goal-Scoring Lead

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In the beginning of the season, you had a very good right to say that Alex Ovechkin was struggling. He had the worst start of his career, and eventually was getting to the point where people were questioning whether he […]

Washington Capitals Face Tough Road Ahead

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The Washington Capitals‘ bumpy ride of a season has come as a surprise to many. Whether they are winning or losing, they can’t seem to be consistent. One day they will shine, and the next is a disaster. This has […]

Washington Capitals: John Erskine Could Make Impact

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The Washington Capitals got their job done on Tuesday night in a very big way. They mowed down the Carolina Hurricanes on the road and gained a couple points to inch their way closer to the top of the Southeast […]

Alex Ovechkin: Key for Washington Capitals

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It’s no secret that Alex Ovechkin has been one of the leagues best players for many, many years. Many people will even argue that he is the best in hockey. While that might be a stretch, he certainly has talent […]

Washington Capitals Vs. Philadelphia Flyers NHL Preview

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The Washington Capitals are currently one game from being .500 and still very much alive in the Southeast division race. Saturday night’s game against the Buffalo Sabres was crazy, much like their entire season. They battled tough through the entire […]

Watch Out for Washington Capitals in April

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Folks might think that March Madness only relates to basketball, but this month of March has been full of madness for the Washington Capitals. Each game they find a new and original way to win or lose. Adam Oates’ team […]

NHL Preview: Washington Capitals Vs. Buffalo Sabres

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The Washington Capitals have won three out of their last four games. They are looking to keep their impressive streak and playoff hopes alive against a rough and powerful Buffalo Sabres team. Adam Oates’ team will have to travel on […]

Can the Washington Capitals Win Southeast?

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The NHL surely has been different this year after the lockout. Since teams didn’t have full practice time with each other, schemes and getting on the right page was more difficult than ever before. For the Washington Capitals, the offseason […]

Are the Washington Capitals the Most Average team in the NHL?

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In previous years that the Washington Capitals have been in the playoffs, they have proven that they had certain phases of the game that are better than others. The power play has always been strong, but other areas have been shining […]

Washington Capitals Need to Focus on What Works

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Who are the Washington Capitals, and what do they need? Adam Oates surely had a tough time coming in as a new coach with no offseason and it is showing. His Capitals need some help, but they won’t need very […]