World Junior Championships: Group B Preview

Now comes the group of hell, with Team Canada, the United States, the Finns, and the Czechs, all in one group. The easy team shall be Denmark, who has no chance to even think about advancing.   Denmark: I feel […]

A Buffalo Sabres Christmas

The Christmas break has begun for the Buffalo Sabres, so Sabresland, it is safe to say that our Sabres will be undefeated for the next three days, including today.   Now, in this giving mood, let us look to what […]

An Appeal to the Buffalo Sabres in Regards to LGBT

A blog post made by a friend of mine on a different blog has prompted me to write this post.   Currently in the National Hockey League, there are ZERO teams that have partnered with the It Gets Better Foundation […]

Buffalo Sabres v Toronto Maple Leafs Post Game: Written Before the Game: Take 2

Thank you Ryan Miller, Saviour of the Buffalo Sabres, for returning to the top form that we knew you were capable of being.  Our core, for once, looked great this game. Thomas Vanek scored the first hat tick of the […]

Buffalo Sabres v Toronto Maple Leafs Post Game: Written Before the Game: Take 1

This season is over with, the Buffalo Sabres can not even defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs. The game that was supposed to be our rebound ended up us being embarrassed to our whipping boys., the Toronto Maple Leafs.   That […]

Never Fear Buffalo Sabres Fans: The Toronto Maple Leafs Are Here

Yes, as soon as I posted my last post saying we need to keep hope and be optimistic, the Buffalo Sabres were embarrassed by the Ottawa Senators 4-1. And, not to mention, previous to that, the Sabres lost 8-3 to […]

2012 World Junior Preview: Group A

This group will consist of the countries of Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, and Russia. While Group A is the weaker group, expect good and strong hockey to come out of this group and be able to compete with Group B […]

World Junior Championship 2012 Preview

We are now five days away from Boxing Day, and that means only one thing. The 2012 IIHF World Junior Championship is also five days away.   After a brief spell in Buffalo, New York the World Juniors shall be […]

Buffalo Sabres: A Bit of Perspective

Buffalo Sabres fans, please repeat after me. The sky. Is not. Falling.   Yes, the Buffalo Sabres are currently sitting in eighth place with 35 points, and the Sabres often look lazy and uninspired on the ice. However, let us […]

The Cure for the Buffalo Sabres: Playing the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Buffalo Sabres have, frankly, sucked at home recently. However, they found just the cure they needed, which is to play their old whipping boys the Toronto Maple Leafs. Ryabn Miller returned to the saviour of the universe Ryan Miller, […]

Thomas Vanek: The Man, the Legend

Thomas Vanek Played in his 500th game last night in the National Hockey League, all of them for the Buffalo Sabres. And oh boy, did he celebrate this in style in a 5-4 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs.   […]

An Away Game…err Home Game for the Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres will be playing rivals Toronto Maple Leafs at the First Niagara Center on Friday at 19h00. Now, I am about to suggest to you something that may very well get me hated, but just think about it. […]