Montreal Canadiens Get Shortchanged in Josh Gorges Trade to Buffalo Sabres

Montreal Canadiens Josh Gorges traded to Buffalo Sabres

As rumored and written about just yesterday, Montreal Canadiens defenseman Josh Gorges has been traded to the Buffalo Sabres for a second-round pick in the 2016 draft. The shock waves are still in full swing in Montreal. As free-agent frenzy […]

Montreal Canadiens Rumors: Josh Gorges To Be Traded

Montreal Canadiens Josh Gorges Trade Rumors

Though this news has gone viral, I can’t say it’s a rumor; the only thing making it one is that nothing “official” has been released from the team. But news, for the past few days, has come out of the […]

Montreal Canadiens Wisely Re-Sign Grinder Dale Weise

Dale Weise celebrates his OT winner in Game 1 against Tampa Bay

There’s no “offseason” in Montreal — not when your team is the Montreal Canadiens. Head coach Michel Therrien‘s contract extension was confirmed a few days ago, and today the news was announced that forward Dale Weise has been signed to […]

Thoughts on the Stanley Cup Final From a Montreal Canadiens Fan

Los Angeles Kings Kopitar With the Stanley Cup

If you’re a hockey fan, whenever your team gets eliminated, at any stage of the playoffs, it is a tough pill to swallow. Some fans jump to a bandwagon for the remainder of playoffs (some for the team that beat […]

Montreal Canadiens Rumors: Will P.K. Subban Be Re-Signed?

P.K. Subban

A few days ago, I discussed the possibility of Andrei Markov re-signing with the Montreal Canadiens. Today, the news floating around the Twitterverse is that P.K. Subban‘s contract talks have not yet begun but that they should, shortly. When P.K. […]

Montreal Canadiens Rumors: Is Andrei Markov Close to Signing?

Andrei Markov, Montreal Canadiens Defenseman

Drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in 1998, defenseman Andrei Markov began his NHL career with the Habs in 2000, and hopes to finish it in Montreal as well.  Markov is respected in the world of hockey, and especially by his […]

Montreal Canadiens: With Michel Therrien Confirmed, Is P.K. Subban?

Montreal Canadiens Coach Michel Therrien

Anyone who has lived in Montreal and has followed hockey in Montreal and/or follows the Montreal Canadiens will attest to the fact that in Montreal, there is no such thing as offseason. The Canadiens, just shy of a week post-elimination […]

Montreal Canadiens: The Speculation On Goaltending Begins

Montreal Canadiens Backup Goalies

Today is one that could have been Game 7 for the Montreal Canadiens. A game many believe would have sent the Habs to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in two decades. In what’s known as “Habs Nation,” […]

Future Is Bright For Montreal Canadiens Despite Playoff Exit

Montreal Canadiens Lose Game 6 and the Eastern Conference Finals

And so it ends. And as a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, this is one of the hardest things I have had to face since beginning my new role as a writer here at Rant Sports just a week ago: […]

Is Concussion Protocol Being Followed By Montreal Canadiens?

Dale Weise Unsteady After A Headshot

Following a hit during Game 5 between the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers which saw Dale Weise be blindsided with a hit to the head by John Moore, Weise left the ice for the so-called “quiet room.” He returned a little more […]

Montreal Canadiens Keep Dream Alive For Fans

Playoff Success Translates to a Hopeful City

The Montreal Canadiens are closer to the Stanley Cup Finals this year than they have been in many years. There is an entire generation that has never seen the Cup in Montreal, or even the kind of exuberance that comes […]

Montreal Canadiens Must Remain Focused To Even Series vs. New York Rangers

Rene Bourque Celebrates His Hat Trick in Game 5 of the ECF

Lest anyone doubt that the Montreal Canadiens came home to the Bell Centre ready to fight for another chance or two, they put those doubts to rest tonight. The Habs won Game 5, their first elimination game of this series […]