Gary Bettman Bet Wrong on the Thrashers Winning as the New Winnipeg Jets

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  I’ve been waiting for nearly two years to do this column, not only to bash NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on his cowardice in the way the sleazy backroom deal to move the Atlanta Thrashers went down, but also to […]

If the NHL Lockout Ends, Why Would Fans Ever Come Back?

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  NHL Owners and Players–the two sides mired in yet another pointless argument over who gets a bigger slice of a pie that can feed more than everyone–make money. Check that – they make a lot of money. They make […]

Reader Poll: What is the Best Movie About Hockey?


In the world of sports movies, it would seem that Hollywood sometimes takes an ESPN approach to things when it comes to hockey. Sort of a “Yeah, we need to touch on it every once in a while, but it’s […]

NHL to Announce Phoenix Coyotes Will Stay in Arizona: An Atlanta Perspective


Today it was reported that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was in Arizona to announce that the Phoenix Coyotes have (tentatively) been sold, and will remain in Arizona.  The new ownership group, who’s members have not yet been confirmed, is said […]