2013 Stanley Cup Finals: Tuukka Rask vs. Corey Crawford, Can We Have A Sequel?

Andrew Shaw Chicago Blackhawks

  If you were going to write a movie script about Game 1 of the 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, it would probably start off with the visiting team jumping out to an early lead, possibly even a two-goal advantage. The […]

Nathan Horton Practices For Boston Bruins, Will He Play in Game 2 on Saturday Night?

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The Boston Bruins were handed a heartbreaking, triple overtime loss on Wednesday night, but the team is looking to rebound on Saturday as the series shifts gears to Game 2. While the Chicago Blackhawks have the momentum fresh off a […]

How Much Would The Buffalo Sabres To Have Surrender For The First Overall Pick?

Thomas Vanek

With one game down so far in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals, we’re only a couple of weeks away from getting into the real offseason festivities, which means a whole lot of talk about that no. 1 overall pick in this […]

2013 Stanley Cup Finals: Chicago Blackhawks’ Andrew Shaw Shows He Has No Fear

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw won’t be mistaken for the best forward on this Chicago Blackhawks squad, or even mentioned in the same breathe as far as some of the other forwards on this roster as far as his skill level is concerned. And he’s certainly […]

2013 Stanley Cup Finals: No Nathan Horton Would Be Tremendous Blow To Boston Bruins

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You’re not in trouble in a playoff series until you lose at home. So there’s hardly a reason for the Boston Bruins after they dropped Game 1 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals in triple overtime to the Chicago Blackhawks. But if one of their […]

2013 Stanley Cup Finals: Chicago Blackhawks Earn Game 1 Win In Multiple Ways

Andrew Shaw

The key word that you’re going to hear throughout this article is ‘earn’. The Chicago Blackhawks earned their Game 1 win over the Boston Bruins in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. The Bruins may have controlled stretches of the triple overtime affair, but this was […]

Andrew Shaw is Chicago Blackhawks’ Only Hope in 2013 Stanley Cup Finals

Andrew Shaw skates on the ice

Do yourself a favor when watching the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals: take a minute or a period to admire the play of Chicago Blackhawks center Andrew Shaw. As an undersized, gritty and advantageous player, Shaw has managed to find the […]

5 Questions Chicago Blackhawks Must Answer If They Expect to Win Stanley Cup

Chicago Blackhawks United Center

2013 Stanley Cup Finals: 10 Players to Watch For

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Bryan Bickell Will Help Chicago Blackhawks for Now, Get Paid Later

Bryan Bickell huddles up his Chicago Blackhawks teammates

Without the exceptional play of Bryan Bickell, the Chicago Blackhawks would likely be watching the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals from their couch. Sure, the leaders that be on the Blackhawks’ roster are phenomenal, but the eight playoff goals from Bickell […]

Stanley Cup Finals 2013: Who Will Boston Bruins Send Out vs. Chicago Blackhawks Top Line?

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The Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins are set to square off in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night, with the two teams bringing rosters to the table that could give us a matchup for the ages. Both of these squads are extremely […]

When Will Stanley Cup Finals Between Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins Start?

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The moment is finally here, and it’s one that many of us wondered whether or not it would ever come. After a lengthy lockout, we were treated to a dandy of a regular season, which will be capped by a […]