NHL Should Send Message To Players Through Shawn Thornton


The NHL has an epidemic on their hands, or at least they will tell you they do. Despite cracking down on illegal hits, we have still seen a high amount of illegal hits taking place, leading to several suspensions this season already. […]

Shawn Thornton Thinks Boston Bruins Will Survive Without Tyler Seguin, Nathan Horton

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Never one to keep his opinion to himself, Boston Bruins winger Shawn Thornton recently spoke out about the team’s headline-worthy offseason. Speaking with CSNNE‘s Joe Haggerty, the Bruins’ fourth-liner, and one of the very few players on the club who lives in Boston all year long, […]

Anthony Camara: The Boston Bruins’ Next Shawn Thornton

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The Boston Bruins‘ prospect system is rich with talent, and Anthony Camara is one of those talented players who intrigues. He is not notable for his hockey sense or natural goal scoring ability but rather qualities that do not translate […]

Chicago Blackhawks’ Andrew Shaw to Auction Stitches from Playoff Face Wound

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NHL fans, like supporters of any league, love their memorabilia. Whether it be signed pucks, framed ticket stubs, or jerseys, there’s no limit to what one can collect. If there was anything that could lend credence to that statement, it’s […]

Boston Bruins Fans, It’s Going to Be Okay

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The opening of the NHL free agent frenzy is extremely hyped-up, sometimes for good reason, but the truth of the matter is that free agent signings are not the be-all end-all of a team’s makeup and success. It would behoove […]

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Final Notes, Chapter 3

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The Boston Bruins are preparing for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, but in keeping with their general atmosphere of a close-knit, almost family-like team, they’re doing so with a little moral support from the guy who can’t be […]

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Final Notes, Chapter 1

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Perhaps it’s good that games one and two of the Stanley Cup Final have an extra day separating them. After that first game went three overtimes deep, the Boston Bruins could certainly use some rest. They got it and they […]

Boston Bruins Semifinal MVP: Torey Krug

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The youthful, undersized, undrafted Torey Krug spent almost all of his regular season down in Rhode Island with the Providence Bruins. Honing his craft in the pipeline that I once joked was like Hogwarts School–people seem to not know of […]

What We Learned From Boston Bruins’ Elimination of New York Rangers

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Maybe the Boston Bruins were listening to the fans after all. Despite flopping on a chance to sweep the New York Rangers Thursday night, the Bruins decided that the drama wasn’t necessary this time around, finishing off the series 4-1. […]

Boston Bruins Get Rookie, 4th Line Contributions to Win Series

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The Boston Bruins were lifted to a 3-1 win in game five, thus finishing off their series with the New York Rangers, thanks to the timely and extremely useful contributions of rookie defenseman supreme Torey Krug and Gregory Campbell, the […]

What We Learned from Boston Bruins Taking 3-0 Lead Over New York Rangers

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Raise your hand if you thought this was how the series would go. The Boston Bruins, the same team that couldn’t string together consistent performances to save their lives just a couple weeks ago, now has a 3-0 series lead over […]

A Blood-Soaked Game 3 Ends in Boston Bruins Win

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What a strange, and occasionally blood-soaked, game three of the Stanley Cup playoffs semifinals that was for the Boston Bruins. The visitors came away with the 2-1 win, getting a thoroughly bouncy game-winning goal from Daniel Paille, and now the […]