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KHL Player Takes Skate to the Throat and Survives



Before you start panicking, this is nothing like the Clint Malarchuk incident. While it certainly looks like a horrifying incident that could have gone much, MUCH worse, it appears that KHL player Vitaly Sitnikov was a lucky man (when considering other possible outcomes).

Here’s the video of the forward taking a skate to the throat and miraculously avoiding would could have been a devastating injury:

According to Yahoo! Sports, Sitnikov will miss at least one game but needed nothing more than stitches and is considered “fine.” If I was Sitnikov, I’d be going out and gambling my life savings with that kind of luck.

It’s great to see that Sitnikov avoided any serious injury, but it’s another scary reminder that hockey is a very dangerous sport.

Somehow, Vitaly Sitnikov came away only needing stitches and a one-game stint on the injured list.

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