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Hudson Tigers Try to Stop Skid Against Tough Hillsdale Team

Hudson Tigers Hillsdale Hornets

The 1-2 (0-1) Hudson Tigers are in some unchartered territory.  They have lost two in a row and have another tough game coming this week when they play a new member of their conference in the 3-0 (1-0) Hillsdale Hornets.  Can they get back on track and get back to their winning ways?

Hillsdale in week 1 played the Northwest Mounties on the road and defeated the Mounties 28-0.  Hillsdale moved the ball very well on the ground with their running back Brandon McMullen rushing the ball 27 times for 236 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Their defense helped them out by holding Northwest to only 41 yards of total offense and that was with negative 10 yards rushing.

Their second game was at the Whittemore-Prescott Cardinals in which the Hornets defeated the Cardinals 33-14.  Hillsdale’s offense in this game took to the air and their quarterback Kenton McCosh completed 11 of his 21 passes for 278 yards and 4 touchdown passes.  McMullen gave him a lot of help by rushing for 98 yards and receiving 100 yards with 3 touchdowns.  Their defense held the Cardinals to under 200 yards in this game as well.

The Hornets opened up conference play last week against the Columbia Central Golden Eagles at Columbia Central. They defeated the Golden Eagles 20-12.  McMullen on the ground was the difference again, but he was helped out as a team they combined for 240 yards.  Hillsdale’s defense kept Columbia Central from moving the ball consistently to stay perfect.

This week the Hudson Tigers are going to have their hands full on defense.  Hillsdale has moved the ball well on the ground and through the air.  We have seen that the Tigers have had struggles against the pass this year and they are starting to struggle with stopping the run as well due to that success.  The Hornets have shown they can do both of them.  Their defense is going to need to step up and make some stops if they want to get back on track.  This is going to a difficult team to do that against though.

The Tigers offense has begun to struggle as well.  They are known for their misdirection running game that is usually strong.  Their yards per carry are going down every game and that is forcing them to go to the pass.  When that happens though, they actually have less offensive production and fewer points.  I think they are going to need to sustain some drives in hope that their defense can rest, because they will definitely need it with what the Hornets want to do.  I think that their line needs to sustain their blocks in order for their offense to work.  They need to keep the game close so they don’t need to rely on the pass. It isn’t their game and it forces them to struggle.

Last year these two teams weren’t in the same conference and Hudson traveled to Hillsdale.  The Tigers won that game with a score of 38-28.  Hudson definitely is not the same team as last year and Hillsdale does have McMullen back this year.

This game will be played at Hillsdale and I believe they will win it.  Hudson is struggling right now and I think they will continue to struggle.  The Hornets have had success with the run and the pass, which I think will be too much for the Tigers to stop.  This is also the home opener for Hillsdale and I think that they will play even harder because of that. My prediction is that Hillsdale will win this game 28-12.

This game will be played on September 14, at 7:00 p.m. at Hillsdale High School in Hillsdale, Michigan.