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Roy Williams shows off Michael Jordan’s ’92 championship Ring to Julius Randle

The UNC Tar Heels basketball program sure has a way of upping the ante with college recruiting.

After John Calipari visited blue chip recruit Julius Randle and his family Monday night and brought the “wow” factor when he whipped out his 2012 national championship ring, then Roy Williams gave him the one-up.

“More like 31-up,” Randle said.

During his Tuesday night presentation, Williams opened a case of 30 rings, which included conference titles, Final Four berths, and national titles that he’s collected over his superb coaching career.

“When coach Williams opened the case you almost couldn’t look directly in it for fear of going blind,” Randle joked. “It was crazy.”

“Yeah, coach Williams was ready for coach Cal with those rings.” Randle’s mother Carolyn Kyles said. “He got him there.”

Calipari probably would have brought his 1996 and 2008 Final Four rings, if they hadn’t been vacated by the NCAA. Calipari can boast the #1 and #2 pick in last summer’s NBA Draft however, and for most high-level recruits that is the ultimate goal and the name of the game.

Then Roy Williams brought out the ultimate trump card.
Once Williams already had Randle dazzled by the case of rings, then he added the cherry on top. Williams reached into his pocket and pulled out Michael Jordan’s 1992 NBA championship ring he won with the Chicago Bulls.

“He said Jordan gave it to him to show his players what they could achieve with hard work and determination,” Randle said. “I was just shocked. I couldn’t believe I was holding Jordan’s ring.”

When asked if Jordan’s ring was better than Calipari’s, Randle hesitated and then said, “Come on now. It’s (Michael) Jordan. No comparison.”