Winless Sand Creek Aggies Face Tough Road Game Against Bulldogs

By David Garrett
Sand Creek Aggies Summerfield Bulldogs
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The 0-3 (0-1) Sand Creek Aggies are still trying to find answers as they hit the road again this week to meet conference opponent in the 2-1 (1-0) Summerfield Bulldogs. The Aggies came out early with an explosive offense and a shaky defense, since they neither has been working for them. Can they right the ship against the Bulldogs?

Summerfield in their first game hosted the Erie-Mason Eagles and defeated them easily by a score of 26-7. The Eagles haven’t been that good this year, not to take anything away from the Bulldogs.

In their next game they traveled to the Ida Bluestreaks and were sent home for their only loss of the season with a score of 30-15. Ida is still undefeated to his point and they have won some tight games so far.

And last week Summerfield blew out the Madison Trojans 50-12. Summerfield put up points through the air and the ground in route to their victory. The Trojans just couldn’t stop the balance that the Bulldogs brought into the game.

Sand Creek’s defense has been shaky all year and I don’t think it will get any better this week. At first it looked like their pass defense was the issue and that the running game was opened up because of it. The Aggies’ defensive line isn’t all that big, so if the team brings in a bigger line, they are in for a lot of trouble. The passing game opened up the running game in their first two games, but last week against the Whiteford Bobcats, the running game had success and they used the pass to keep the Aggies off guard. Summerfield will do something similar this week and they could be in for a long game if they can’t figure it out.

The once explosive offense of the Aggies has begun to struggle. Their quarterback Kolton Alcock is a fantastic runner and with his height can see over the line. The problem has been turnovers. He has trouble making his pitches on the option, the pitch either slows down the back or it is fumbled. These types of mistakes are getting the offense out of rhythm. Their running back Elliott Rains is a strong runner, which is a perfect compliment to Alcock, but he needs to get going forward before the contact for him to be successful. This offense needs to get back on track to not only score points, but to help out the defense that is getting tired from being on the field too much. A leader needs to step up and settle them down if they get rattled, especially against a defense like Summerfield has. If not, they will find themselves behind again.

Last year when these two teams met, the game was at Sand Creek and the Aggies won 14-7. This is definitely a different team. A lot of the stars from last year are gone and this year’s team is young. Summerfield had a good year last year and they have a good portion of that talent back.

I think this year Summerfield will get their revenge at home. This Sand Creek team is struggling to figure things out and I think this isn’t the right time for them to find it. The Aggies would have to play their best game defensively and their offense needs to get back to what it was doing during the first two weeks. If they could stop turning the ball over, I think they would give themselves a chance. I haven’t seen anything to make me think they won’t, so my prediction is that the Bulldogs will send the Aggies home with a loss by the score of 28-7.

This game will be played at Summerfield High School on September 14th at 7:00 p.m. in Petersburg, Michigan.

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