College Football Recruiting: Virginia Cavaliers Class Coming Together

By Rick Stavig

Well, Mike London knew he was going to have to upgrade the talent level when he took over.

And the good thing for Virginia Cavaliers fans, he’s pretty talented at selling his vision.

UVA is always behind their brethren to the south (Virginia Tech) in terms of College Football Recruiting, both in and out of state.  But the tide may finally be changing.  Let’s take an in-depth look at the 2013 class that London and his staff are assembling…

QB- The Cavs have two pro-style quarterbacks committed in Corwin Cutler and Brendan Marshall.  I would be surprised if they added more.

RB- Only one right now is on board, but boy is he a big name to have.  Taquan Mizzell is one of, if not the, best running backs in the country.  Could you imagine what kind of thunder and lightning backfield they could have if they can sign the local all-world power back Derrick Green?

WR- Andre Levrone, Keon Johnson and Zack Jones are committed.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them add one or two more.

TE- None at this time, and it’s unlikely that will change.  They have offered only 5 players, and all but one is committed to another school.  Greg Taboada, who isn’t committed anywhere, doesn’t have UVA at the top of his list either.

OT- The Cavs only have one guy on board in Sadig Olanrewaju.  Expect them to try and nab at least two more players.

OG- Brad Henson and Jack McDonald are committed at this time, two very solid pickups.  That could be it for guards.

C-  None, and that won’t change.  Only Brandon Kublanow is offered by UVA, and he’s going to Georgia.

DE- Jack English is committed, and that could be it.  UVA has decent depth at defensive end.

DT- Donta Wilkins is a great run stuffer who will fill a position of need.  London will absolutely try and bring in one to two more.

MLB- Micah Kiser is the lone commit, and I don’t expect that to change.

OLB- The Cavs are going hard after outside linebackers, and have two on board already.  LaChaston Smith and Zach Bradshaw are good pickups, but won’t be enough.

CB- London has a terrific group of corners committed in Kirk Garner, Tim Harris and Hipolito Corporan.

S- Only Malcolm Cook is committed, but I expect one more guy at the minimum will be needed.

Athlete- Surprisingly, none at this time.  They’ve extended offers to quite a few recruited athletes, and I expect they’ll sign at least one.

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