Arkansas Razorbacks Still Admirable On Recruiting Trail

By Rick Stavig

We’re almost at the halfway point in this season, and if someone were to ask who the most disappointing team is thus far, it would be a simple answer.

The Arkansas Razorbacks.

Not even ten months ago, the Hogs were finishing up a magical two loss season, with the only two losses coming at the hands of the two teams that played in the National Championship Game (LSU and Alabama).

They had an All American quarterback (Tyler Wilson), and potential All American running back (Knile Davis) running one of the most explosive offenses in the country under the tutelage of the brilliant Bobby Petrino. They were considered a top 10 team in the country and had a favorable schedule that included home games against both LSU and Bama.

Fast forward ten months. Petrino is fired in shame after getting caught in lie after lie. The Hogs are 1-4 and have even lost at home to the University of Louisiana Monroe, which plays in the Sun Belt Conference. The game against Alabama at home that was supposed to set the tone for a potential National Championship caliber season? Lost 52-0.

The worst part is their slide shows no signs of slowing down. The team is playing uninspired football and there is no sign of life.

On the lone bright side for the entire program, the Razorbacks are actually doing a wonderful job on the recruiting trail. Considering that they’re selling recruits and their families to come to a program where no one knows who the next coach will be, it’s one of the best sales feats in history.

You have to give the coaching staff credit. They surely aren’t doing very much schematically for the program, but boy, they’re recruiting their butts off to improve the already high talent level. When this season is over, and every single one of these coaches is looking for a new job, I suggest going into the sales business.

So let’s take a look at the 16 commits the Hogs have so far. It’s going to be very interesting to see how many of these players are still going to be Razorbacks come signing day.

QB- Austin Allen and Tyler Cogswell are committed. Both are talented pro-style passers.

RB- Kaleb Blanchard is the lone man here. The Hogs are deep at running back, so this isn’t a major priority in this class.

WR- Jervenski Johnson won’t be enough. There are some major holes in the depth of receivers and two or three more will be needed.

TE- Hunter Henry is one of the best in the country. Deondre Skinner could be the Aaron Hernandez to Henry’s Rob Gronkowski.

OT- None yet, will need to sign one at minimum.

OG- Mitchell Bell is flying under the radar. A poor man’s Alvin Bailey.

C- None, and it will probably stay like that. Not a priority in this class.

DE- Tevin Beanum is on board, but they will need further depth.

DT- None and this will have to change. This is a major priority for their class because they need two or three.

MLB- Marcus Robinson is the lone man on board.

OLB- Brooks Ellis and Myke Tavarres are solid playmakers. Two very good pickups.

CB- Carroll Washington is committed. The Hogs are still going to look for more.

S- Khari Harding and Alex Brignoni are committed. Probably won’t look to add more.

Athlete- Dominique Alexander and Lamar Jordan are on board and both could play various places. Jordan could also play some quarterback in designed packages.

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