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Kentucky Symptom of What Is Wrong with College Basketball


The commitments of brothers Andrew and Aaron Harrison to the University of Kentucky gives Lexington their backcourt of the future (or at least next year).  Calipari ensured that he continues being the one-and-done factory maker and I for one think it is ruining college basketball.

College coaches do so little selling about how they can help young adults grow to men; for the blue chippers especially, it is all about who can get them to the pros the fastest. Even if their SAT scores weren’t good enough to get to college (cough… cough… Derrick Rose) or had their Final Fours vacated (cough… cough… Marcus Camby). It doesn’t matter for the player. They still got what they want; they got to go pro. Steve Kerr wrote an excellent piece recently in the defense of college basketball stars staying in college; he claimed that both college basketball and the NBA both benefited from the young stars staying in college for a bit. He even cites Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan NBA statistics in support of his theory.

I’ll hop down off the soap box now, but it still won’t make me want to watch college basketball much more; it would just be a joy to have college programs get to see their stars reach maturation. Can you imagine Kentucky’s team from last year returning to see if they can win 2, and then 3, and then possibly even a 4-peat of championships? It would be amazing to watch, and then the NBA wouldn’t have to teach a bunch of talented, but inexperienced 19 year olds how to both play basketball and grow into men at the same time.