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RB Berkley Edwards, Chelsea Rush To Upset Over Undefeated Tecumseh

Chelsea Bulldogs Berkley Edwards Tecumseh Indians

Mickey Alvarado – Tecumseh Herald

Coming into this week, I didn’t think there was a shot that the 4-3 (4-0) Chelsea Bulldogs could pull the upset over the 6-1 (3-1) Tecumseh Indians, but that is exactly what happened. Trick plays, turnovers and a lot of Berkley Edwards helped the Bulldogs secure the win over the Indians and to take control over the Southeastern Conference-White division.

Chelsea got it going late in the first, when they ran a halfback pass that Colton Platt hit the receiver Kyle Koseck for a 52 yard touchdown pass. Rabbit added the point after. On Tecumseh’s next possession, they fumbled the ball and the Bulldogs’ Garrett Fieske picked it up, taking it 22 yards for another touchdown. This put Tecumseh in unfamiliar territory as they were down 14-0 at the end of the opening quarter.

The Indians would come back in the 2nd. Halfway through, their quarterback Ben Dreslinski found his target Spencer Hite for a 5 yard touchdown pass. They would add the point after to cut the lead in half. They got the ball back and with just a minute and half to go, they capped off another drive with a John Terry one yard touchdown run. The kick would fail though, putting them down by 1 still.

The Bulldogs not to be outdone as they moved the ball quickly down the field and scored on an Edwards 1 yard touchdown run to make the score 21-13 at halftime.

Tecumseh got the ball to start the third quarter, but their drive stalled and punted it away. Chelsea on their first play of the 2nd half gave the ball to Edwards and he wouldn’t be stopped as he broke free and scored a 76 yard touchdown run. Later in the quarter, Dreslinski would answer with a 3 yard touchdown run of his own. They went for two and got with a Terry run. That would send us into the final quarter of play with the score 28-21, Bulldogs’ lead.

Chelsea early into the quarter would score a 41 yard field goal by Rabbit and that would end their scoring. Their defense rose to the occasion and only allowed one more score, which would come late in the quarter when Dreslinski would find Spencer Adams on a 17 yard touchdown pass. That would make the score 31-28 and the score would hold to the final.

Chelsea was led through the air by Logan Brown who went 5 for 12 for 80 yards. Edwards was the leading rusher with 26 carries for 199 yards and 2 touchdowns. They were led in receiving by Koseck who had the one catch for 52 yards and a touchdown.

Tecumseh’s quarterback Dreslinski threw 33 passes and completed 19 of them for 280 yards and 2 touchdowns. They were led on the ground by Dreslinski who had 14 rushes for 43 yards and a touchdown. He was joined by Terry who had 9 carries for 42 yards, a touchdown and a two-point conversion. They were lead in receiving by Casey Hunt who caught 3 passes for 96 yards.

I have to admit, I am completely shocked that Chelsea pulled the upset. It’s not that I didn’t think the Bulldogs were good enough to do it, but I just thought that with all the weapons Tecumseh had, it would be too much for the Bulldogs to slow down. They did just that though. They allowed 383 yards of total offense, but they were benefited from the rain they played in.

Passing teams like the Indians need to have cleaner conditions, but they still had quite a bit of success. It looked like they were forcing Tecumseh to throw the ball and took away the run. It seemed to work as Chelsea did what they needed to do to keep them from scoring and they did. Forcing the fumble for a touchdown was big and their defense bending, but not breaking is something else.

Chelsea on offense was impressive as well. A big part of this was the team rushing the ball for 268 yards rushing, Edwards accounting for 199 of it, plus he scored half of the team’s touchdowns. I commend the coach for calling the big trick pass play that got them on the board. In the conditions they were playing, that was quite a call to make. He did what he needed to put his team in position to win.

The Bulldogs will try to seal the conference title next week when they host the 0-7 (0-4) Dexter Dreadnaughts. This week Dexter hosted the Ypsilanti Phoenix and the Dreadnaughts lost a close one 13-7.

Tecumseh will look to bounce back when they come home to face the 3-4 (3-1) Adrian Maples. Adrian this week pulled of a big upset of the Lincoln Railsplitters at home, 26-25.