Jahlil Okafor To Visit Duke And North Carolina At Midnight Madness


I previously wrote that I think Jahlil Okafor might be leaning towards the Kentucky Wildcats after he had a conversation with Coach John Calipari. Okafaro wrote on his USAT blog: “Coach Cal is just really cool. I liked him.”

The one thing that might keep Okafor from following all the other blue chippers to Kentucky would be his trip to Midnight Madness at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

“I’m not gonna be able to get out to any Midnight Madness events this week, but I am headed to Duke the following week for their Midnight Madness. I am so excited to be going to that. I can’t wait, I think I’m gonna have a blast at Duke. I’ve heard the fans are crazy. I mean that’s their name, so I don’t even know what to expect. I know it’ll be fun though.”

Coach K hasn’t coached a big man with Okafor’s ability (other than Team USA) in some time at Duke, but he will have a little bit of competition over the weekend too from his cross-town rivals at Chapel Hill.

“At some point that weekend, we’ll get over to North Carolina, too. We’ve definitely got to check out the rival. So I’m really excited about that too. I know coach (Roy) Williams just had a surgery so I hope to get some time with him. I texted him telling him that I hoped he would have a speedy recovery. He sent two assistants to my school last week and they told me how much he really wanted to come himself so that meant a lot to me. I’m just glad that he’s doing better.”

To Coach K’s enormous credit, he called Roy Williams many times over the last couple weeks to check in on him, and though the two coaches constantly dance around each other in ACC tournaments as well as recruiting, Coach K had the great class to reach out to his rival. Okafor’s musings on his USAT news blog are quite entertaining and look out for a piece later this week about his relationship with top ranked recruit Jabari Parker. Where do you think Okafor will land?

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