David Kenney No Longer Committed to Iowa Hawkeyes

By Rick Stavig

Absolutely nothing is guaranteed in College Football Recruiting until a player actually signs a letter of intent to play for a school.  Yes, there are soft verbal commitments and solid verbal commitments, but in the end, that’s all it is- a verbal commitment.

Many fans get caught up in which player gives a verbal commitment and where he says he’s going.  Coaches are a little wiser than that, and that’s why they continue recruiting a player long after he gives a verbal commitment.

David Kenney is a perfect example of a player who happened to change his mind.

Kenney, a defensive end from Pike High School in Indianapolis Indiana, is one of the best weak side pass rushers in the country.  He also was the first player to commit to the Iowa Hawkeyes for the 2013 class, giving Kirk Ferentz a verbal in April.

Well, as one of the greatest American songwriters, Bob Dylan, once said- “The times, they are a changin”.

Yesterday afternoon Kenney called the Hawkeye coaches and confirmed he would be de-committing from Iowa.  His reason was that he and his family would feel more comfortable with him playing at a school closer to home.

It looks like that school could very well be the Indiana Hoosiers.

Kenney has unofficially visited Bloomington to see the Hoosiers several times this season, including this past weekend to see Indiana nearly upset Ohio State.  It’s apparently made an impact on him.  Kenney has indicated that IU is far and away the leader for his services at this point, but hasn’t given a time frame as to when he would commit.

This would be a huge pickup for the Hoosiers as they rarely acquire any of the elite talent in-state.  The rest of the Big Ten and Notre Dame usually pick off all the good players in Indiana without the Hoosiers ever getting much of a shot.

Now it’s just the waiting game to see when Kenney will give a commitment to IU.  But if recruiting has taught us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t take verbal commitments too seriously.  David Kenney can attest to that.

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