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Erin DiMeglio, is Homecoming Queen and Florida’s First Female QB


Erin DiMeglio has caught attention all over the nation. Recently, she was Florida’s first female quarterback and now she is South Plantation’s homecoming queen.

DiMeglio was crowned queen during halftime of her team’s game against Hollywood Hills high school. The Florida player was honored in the midst of South Plantation’s 18-0 victory. Although DiMeglio was the talk of the night, she did spend the entire game on the bench.

Interestingly, DiMeglio has shared many passing connections with homecoming king Hordley Seide.

“Erin’s known around the nation now, and for me to be up here with her it’s an honor,” says Seide.

According to DiMeglio, she was surprised that she was homecoming queen because there were a lot of girls at South Plantation, that know a lot of people.

Even though DiMeglio did not get any action, she undoubtedly is an inspiration to all aspiring female athletes. She is a star on South Plantation’s basketball team and flag football team.

DiMeglio’s mother was very pleased with her daughter’s coronation, which she felt proved that DiMeglio is more than just an athlete.

Although DiMeglio is still a QB on the rise, I’m finally glad to see that a female is getting attention for her hard work and dedication. It is unfortunate that females don’t have an iconic football player to look up to. I believe DiMeglio will be the iconic female football player, that aspiring female football players finally deserve.