John Calipari Inspired Rapper Drake to Finish High School


Canadian rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham initially dropped out of the Forest Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto to in order pursue a music and acting career roughly 10 years ago; Drake said earlier this month that he was inspired to complete his high school degree by an improbable source: Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari.

“I never really got, like, a great school experience,” Drake told CN2 during Kentucky’s alumni game last weekend. “When Coach Cal asked me to come out here for the first Midnight Madness, it just really gave me a sense of school, a sense of love, a sense of belonging to something. And so, you know, that’s why I feel like I belong to the UK family. That’s why I’m graduating high school this month, actually. I’m definitely inspired by UK.”

Top ranked recruit Julius Randle wrote about meeting Drake in his blog entry for USA Today High School Sports.

Since, Calipari inspired him, Drake has finished his degree and tweeted about it on Wednesday:

“97 per cent on my final exam. 88 per cent in the course,” he wrote. “One of the greatest feelings in my entire life. As of tonight I have graduated high school!”

Congratulations to Drake, and the one question is if he will ever contradict lyrics from his song ‘Crew Love’:

“I guess we’ll never know what Harvard gets us
But seeing my family have it all
Took the place of that desire for diplomas on the wall”

Who knows if Drake will ever go to Harvard, but I’m sure John Calipari could get at least an interview for him at Kentucky.

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