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Official Rant Sports High School Football Power Rankings: Week 2

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The Top 25 High School Football Teams

Manatee Team

As teams wind down their regular season, many are preparing themselves for their respective state's post-season. Wading through all the of the teams and the polls out there nationwide, there are quite a few teams who are vivifying for that prestigious spot of being crowned the 'Best Team in High School' as the national champions.

I took a few factors into effect when compiling this list. The most obvious being record. Everyone on this list is undefeated and untied. From there I took to see who has played tougher competition and still met this criteria. I used a couple of other polls to help me decide who I thought was worthy to make this week's power rankings and who didn't.

Throwing some credit out there goes to Rick Stavig here at Rant Sports for giving me a starting point. I also have to give credit to as I used their Xcellent 25 poll and the Freeman rankings compare where they had teams. I also used them to help me decide who was worthy and who wasn't. You could say that I used my own 'BCS' formula.

This poll has teams nationwide featuring teams from California to Pennsylvania, Florida to Washington. There are quite a few new teams on this list that weren't there in the first week of the rankings. Some teams that were featured on this poll have dropped off as they have hit rough patches in their season and couldn't overcome them. There are some familiar power programs that are on here and some surprise teams that have put together impressive seasons from nowhere.

Without further ado, let's see who made the cut and who didn't this time around.

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#25 El Toro

El Toro High School (Lake Forest, CA)

El Toro (Lake Forest, CA) didn't make the list week one and they're appearing at 25. This last week they went on the road and handled Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo 35-17 to run their record to 9-0. They have an open date this week and if they don't get anyone to fill it, the next team they play is higher up this list.

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#24 North Allegheny

North Allegheny High School (Wexford, Pa)
Nicholas Tolomeo - Tri-State Sports & News Service

Also a new entry to the rankings and appearing at #24 is North Allegheny (Wexford, PA). This team has only given up 37 points all year as they have run their record to 8-0. The only team that stands in their way of an undefeated regular season is North Hills (Pittsburgh, PA).

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#23 Steele

Steele High School (Cibolo, TX)
Associated Press

The first team on our list to appear from Texas is the 7-0 Steele from Cibolo, TX. Steele this week dominated South San Antonio 63-0. This week they will bring their unbeaten record up against East Central (San Antonio, TX).

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#22 Dr. Phillips

Dr. Phillips High School (Orlando, FL)
Joshua C. Crucy - Orlando Sentinel

On the last rankings, Dr. Phillips (Orlando, FL) was ranked at 25th. They have moved up 3 spots as they have improved their record to 8-0. They will travel across town to take on Evans High School who brings in a 6-1 record themselves.

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#21 Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo High School (Mission Viejo, CA)
Photo by Jose L Martin

Another team making their debut on this list at 21 is 8-0 Mission Viejo from CA. This week they're hosting Trabuco Hills and the week after they will take on El Toro High School, who appears at 25 on this list. If they finish up at 10-0, they will deserve to be higher on this list.

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#20 St. Edward

St. Edward High School (Lakewood, OH)
Jim Olexa - Sun News

St. Edward has played a tough schedule in the football state of Ohio, which places them on this list at #20. Despite the gauntlet they are undefeated at 9-0. Their season comes down to a showdown against who many consider to be the best team in the state, as they are another team that has to play someone else that is ranked higher than them on this list.

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#19 St. Joseph's Prep

Photo by Ken Inness

The second team from PA to make this list is from Philadelphia in the St. Joseph's Prep. For their non-conference they have played teams from Florida and Washington D.C. They have come out on top and have run their record to 7-0. This week they will play conference opponent from across town in Archbishop Ryan.

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#18 Goose Creek

Goose Creek High School (Goose Creek, SC)
Rob Gantt - Gazette

Goose Creek appeared last week at 15th and they dropped 3 spots to 18th this week. Part of it was the schedule they have played, but you still have to win the games that are on your schedule. They have done that as they've run their record to 9-0. This week they go to Charleston to play West Ashley. What helps this team is that are loaded with Division 1 prospects. I think we will see what this team is made of in the SC playoffs.

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#17 Bentonville

Bentonville High School (Bentonville, AR)
Photo by Marc Henning

Yet another team who didn't appear last week is Bentonville High School (Bentonville, AR). They have only allowed one team to score in double digits on them and they have traveled to play some tougher competition. They're really good and sitting at 8-0. This week they travel to take on Springdale (AR), but looming after them is a home game against Fayetteville, who are ranked in the top 5 in the state.

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#16 University

University High School (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Photo by Wayne Litmer

The second team to be representing the state of Florida is University High School (Fort Lauderdale, FL). They were one of the teams featured on ESPN's Kickoff Classic and have been winning every game since. They have a record of 7-0. With two winnable games left on their schedule, they will look to stay unbeaten going into the playoffs.

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#15 Hoover

Hoover High School (Hoover, AL)

Everyone knows the name Hoover High School (Hoover, AL), because of the show on MTV. They are perennial powerhouse in the state of Alabama and on the national stage. They are also a pipeline for SEC schools. They have improved their record to 9-0, but did slip a spot on this weeks rankings. They have two tough games to finish out their season against Tuscaloosa County on the road and Opelika at home. With wins there and playoffs around the corner, if they keep winning they'll gain the position back.

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#14 Coppell

Coppell High School (Coppell, TX)
Emilty Goldstein -

Moving up 4 spots on this rankings this week is Coppell High School (Coppell, TX). They have already played the toughest part of their schedule. With the match-ups ahead, it looks like they will coast into the playoffs. They have a record of 7-0 and I am curious to see how it holds up in the playoffs.

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#13 Butler

Butler High School (Matthews, NC)
Photo by Keith Coward

Butler High School (Matthews, NC) also slipped a spot in my rankings this week. With the match-up they have this week, they can gain it right back. They will host a tough Independence High School (Charlotte, NC) who are coming in with a 9-1 record.

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#12 De La Salle

De La Salle High School (Concord, CA)
Dan Dibley - Examiner

One of the biggest falls in this week's rankings was from De La Salle (Concord, CA). They were ranked 6th and have slipped to 12th. Part of this was that they didn't go out and get a signature opponent in my eyes. They still have two games to prove me wrong and seeing what they do in the playoffs can definitely change my mind too.

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#11 Narbonne

Narbonne High School (Harbor City, CA)
Photo by Ian Tennant

The highest debut on my list goes to Narbonne (Harbor City, CA). I could have interchanged with De La Salle, but the deciding factor is that Narbonne is considered the best team in the state. They are falling victim to the same problem as De La Salle. They have an opponent this week they should handle when they travel to Los Angeles to face the George Washington Prep. The week after is a 7-1 Gardenia at home.

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#10 Camden County

Camden County High School (Kingsland, GA)
Wesley Hallman -

Next is Camden County (Kingsland, GA). They are considered the best team in the state of Georgia. What dropped them a rank to me was they are playing in a weak conference and having played a marque match-up yet. This week they have Brunswick, GA. The match-up I want to see happens the week after is on the road against Lownndes (Valdosta, GA) who is undefeated themselves.

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#9 Curtis

Curtis High School (River Ridge, LA)
Photo by Jim Redman

I must say, from this point it any of these teams are interchangeable for me. For this week, I had Curtis (River Ridge, LA) drop to 9th. Many consider this team to be the most talented in the nation. They dominated Plant (Tampa, FL) in the All State Sugar Bowl Prep Classic can show you why people think that. Their defense has only given up 31 points this season. They can easily move back up the rankings if they continue what they've done.

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#8 Colerain

Colerain High School (Cincinnati, OH)
Photo by Christopher Zaphiris

Colerain High School from Cincinnati, OH moved up 3 spots on in these rankings for me when they handed Lakota West (West Chester, OH) their first loss this season. The only team that stands in their way is Oak Hills (Cincinnati, OH) and they are looking for a deep run into the playoffs.

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#7 Ensworth

Ensworth High School (Nashville, TN)
Chip Cirillo -

The biggest jump for me on this rankings comes from Ensworth High School (Nashville, TN). They played a pretty tough non-conference schedule and have already knocked off the hardest teams in their conference. They are considered to be the best team in Tennessee and with only Father Ryan left to play, they are looking to do some damage in the playoffs.

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#6 Vista Murrieta

Vista Murrieta High School (Murrieta, CA)

Moving up 4 spots was Vista Murrieta (Murrieta, CA). In non-conference they took care of what is considered to be the one of the best reams in Alaska and taken out the best team in Colorado. They just handed Murrieta Valley their first defeat at home and look to take on a tough Murrieta Valley on the road this week.

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#5 St. Ignatius

St. Ignatius High School (Cleveland, OH)
Steve Kurucz - Sun News

Considered to be the best in the state of Ohio are the St. Ignatius (Cleveland, OH). They will have a real test this week as they are the other team in the showdown I alluded to early when they play the #20 team on this ranking, St. Edward (Lakewood, OH). They have already moved up 12 spots on this list, a victory there could move them even higher.

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#4 Bellevue

Bellevue High School (Bellevue, WA)
Phot by Jeff Napier

The only team appearing from the state of Washington is Bellevue. They kicked off their season against Trinity (Euliss, TX) and scored the 31-24 victory. They've rode that momentum as they have put together a great season. They must travel to Mercer Island, WA this week. A victory there and they are undefeated heading into the playoffs.

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#3 Trinity

Trinity High School (Louisville, KY)
AP Photo - Joe Imel

Trinity (Louisville, KY) finds themselves moving from 13th to 3rd this week. They have played perennially tough opponents from Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. They survived each one of them to find themselves standing at the record of 8-0 and the best team in the state of Kentucky. They are riding a 33 game win streak that they will put on the line this week against Archbishop Moeller (Cincinnati, OH).

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#2 DeSoto

DeSoto High School (DeSoto, TX)

Staying at number 2 on this ranking is DeSoto. They have compiled a 7-0 record and are considered to be the best team in Texas. With three winnable games on their schedule to end the season, they will look to hit the playoffs undefeated and try to bring the state title home.

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#1 Manatee

Manatee High School (Brandenton, FL)
Tom Hubbard - Bradenton Herald

Moving into the top spot on this ranking is Manatee High School (Bardenton, FL). They are widely talented team with quite a few division 1 recruits. Their toughest test of the season will come this week when they host Palmetto, FL. A victory here and I don't see anyone on their schedule to knock them off. I see them taking this undefeated record into the playoffs. That is where I think we will see what this team is really made of.