Could Cal Be The Landing Place For RB Berkley Edwards?

Berkley Edwards California Golden Bears

As Berkley Edwards prepares for his playoff game, he is playing for more than his Chelsea Bulldogs as they eye a state title. He is also playing for where he could play next year. Earlier this month, Edwards went on an official visit out west to the California Golden Bears.

If he decides to go to Cal, he is going to be joining at team that is about in the middle of the pack in rushing. They don’t really have a definitive running back that is standing out right now. They have split the carries mostly among two backs in particular, C.J. Anderson and Isi Sofele. Both backs are similar in height and build, with Anderson having more success this season. What benefits Edwards if he decides to come here is that they’re both seniors.

Backing up these guys is a back that really impressed me in Brendan Bigelow. I watched him play in the game against the Ohio State Buckeyes. For smaller guy, he definitely runs bigger than he is and broke quite a few tackles on route to an 81 yard touchdown run. He is a sophomore, so Bigelow and Edwards could be splitting time together if that is where he decides to go.

What could hurt Edwards’ decision to come to Cal would be that they are losing their starting quarterback, Zach Maynard, who is also a senior. It could be an opportunity to help rebuild this offense along with Bigelow. It all depends on his mindset and if he wants to join a team as that missing piece, or be one of those guys a team builds around.

Before he could delve too much into this, Edwards is going to need to put on some size. Now he doesn’t want to put on too much. He only stands at 5’9”, which isn’t very tall, but this could be an asset for him if he plays behind a big offensive line. A guy like him, with the speed he has 4.52, which could be faster if he didn’t slip at the start of it. If he can disappear behind a big offensive line and hit a hole, he could into the secondary before they know what is going on.

He has put up solid numbers this season, as he has rushed for almost 1300 yards and scored 20 touchdowns. He can also catch the ball out of the backfield, but at his high school they don’t do it often enough. He still has added 110 yards receiving along with a touchdown this season. He is also playing in an offense where he is the focal point and defenses know it. They try to key on him and he still has had success.

Something that could benefit for Edwards to go to the Golden Bears is that there are a lot of high scoring affairs in the Pac-12, which could be a benefit for him to put up big numbers in his years there.

Cal could be a good fit for Edwards. As I said, he should put on a little bit more muscle, but that will be something the strength coach and whatever school he chooses will do. He definitely doesn’t want to lose his speed though. I think he could work well as Cal’s featured running back alone or could also work as a tandem, being the speed back option. Either way, if this is where he decides to go, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him putting up big numbers in his season year.

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