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Kevin Durant is Andrew Wiggins’ Role Model

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Andrew Wiggins, a junior arguably who is as talented as any high school prospect the past five years, has decided to reclassify and play college basketball in the 2013-14 season. He might not stay in college for long, but he will be welcomed while he is there.

He will be a welcome addition to the college game, if only for one season.

The 6-foot-8 small forward resembles a certain three-time scoring champ named Kevin Durant who Wiggins greatly admires for his demeanor.

“He is very humble,” Wiggins said. “Not the loudest guy, but on the court he shows he is special.”

In an age when families of top prospects often orchestrate how a list of “finalist schools” will be released to the media, Wiggins didn’t even know all the schools recruiting him, much less have a formal list of finalists. “Whoever wants to recruit me can recruit me,” he said. “I’ll look into them.”

People close to him find him both shy and humble.

“There are some people, they are good but not at as high a level as he is, and you can tell that they really love themselves,” Wiggins’ girlfriend Mychal Johnson said. “When I first met him, he was so shy and humble I didn’t know people were actually like that when they are as good as he is.”

Wiggins is shy, but he is not shy about his competitive ability on the court. When asked how he would fare against Durant he responded:

“Obviously he’s the man. He will get his. I think I’ll get a couple buckets.”

One day, we might get to see a Durant-Wiggins matchup in the NBA.