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Jahlil Okafor Wants to Team Up With Tyus Jones in College


Jahlil Okafor writes a monthly sports blog for USA TODAY High School Sports and he wrote a lot this week about how he wants to team up with his high school teammate Tyus Jones.

Well, they’ve already won a gold medal at the Fiba U17 World Championships together, so why not in college?

“A little over a week ago, I went down to Duke’s Countdown to Craziness and had a ball with my boy Tyus Jones.” Okafor wrote. “We had a great time down there just talking with the coaches and embracing the fans. We got to hang out with Theo Pinson too, so all of us were just loving everything about Duke.”

Jones is enthusiastic about the idea as well and spoke about it at FIBA.

“We’re most definitely excited to do it,” said Jones in Lithuania. “We’re very serious about doing it and think it’s going to happen.”

Okafor and Jones have been checking each other’s temperatures with the schools they visit and teaming up could be a distinct possibility.

“Me and Tyus always talk about playing at the same school in college, as most of you know, but just being on the visit together and seeing the practices made it even more real,” Okafor wrote. “We kept asking each other how the other one liked it and we both loved everything about it. It’s not definite, but we would look forward to Theo coming in with us. That would be great.”

The thought of these two recruits going to the same college doesn’t seem fair, but they are probably learning from what they see happening in the NBA and think why not?