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Florida High School Football field damaged after Mitt Romney, RNC rally



When you hear about a football field being damaged and a goal post being bent, your first thought is probably that a game was being played on a muddy field.

What you probably wouldn’t think of… is Mitt Romney.

Saturday night’s rally for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney apparently left a dent on Land O’Lakes’ football field in Florida.

The goal post in the Gators’ south end zone was bent over the weekend during the rally according to Land O’Lakes principal Ric Mellin.

“We are currently working on rectifying the situation,” Mellin said in an email. “There are provisions in the contract for the renter to pay for damages.”

Those provisions will apparently call for the Republican National Committee to flip the ball for the damage to the school grounds, Pasco school district assistant superintendent Renalia DuBose said.

The bent goal post won’t be enough to change the Gators’ Class 6A, District 6 finale. Land O’Lakes will host River Ridge on Friday night as scheduled, Mellin said.

There were about 15,000 people in John Benedetto Stadium to see the Massachusetts governor and presidential nominee.

It was Pasco County’s first rally for a presidential candidate since George W. Bush visited in 2004.

Bush managed to get on and off the field without damaging any of it, and without damaging his hopes to be president. Romney has already damaged one thing on his campaign trail, and he’s probably hoping that it doesn’t have any effect on his poll numbers in the crucial state of Florida.

One thing’s for sure, President Obama will probably do his best to keep all football fields totally intact.