Which School Will Land DT Montravius Adams?

By David Garrett
Montravius Adams
Josh Outlaw – Score Atlanta

Not all players who’re being looked at to play in college are focusing on it right now. One of these players is Montravius Adams, a 6’3”, 290 pound linemen from Vienna, Georgia. He has received around 20 scholarship offers, but he has already said that is he’s going to wait until the season ends to make his decision. Who will land this monster defensive lineman?

Adams plays for the 6-2 Dooly County Bobcats. They’re still eying a conference title and winning their last two games will be important. Both of them are at home, which should help them out. The playoffs are something else they are looking toward and a possible state title run. The Bobcats do boast one of the best defenses in their conference and it starts up front with Adams.

It needs to be said that Adams is a big man. I think he could one of those linemen that could make an immediate impact at the next level. He has great size, but what I thought was great in his highlights is his speed. For a man his size, he can really move. He has a quick initial step and can move laterally well. This makes him an asset in stopping the run or rushing the passer.

He’s also really strong for someone still in high school. His bench max is at 330 pounds and his squat max is at 485. With power like that, it would be very difficult to slow this man down. The highlights I saw him in, the opposing line was powerless to stop him. Now it was against an inferior opponent, but with that rare combination of speed and power at the position he plays, I think he’ll give offensive linemen fits at the next level as well.

With that being said, it is now a waiting game to see where he will end up. He hasn’t taken any of his official visits yet, but he has taken some unofficial ones to catch some games. He was supposed to take an official visit to the Michigan State Spartans, but he couldn’t make it. He’s already said that he will take them and really think hard about where he is going after his season is over. Until then, he’s focused on winning and a chance at the state title for his team.

Teams that are recruiting him hard are mostly in the South. The Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers, Clemson Tigers, Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs to name a few of the schools that have shown a lot of interest in this lineman. It should also be noted that when he was younger he had dreams of playing running back for the USC Trojans. That was until he grew into the man he is now. He actually wanted to be the next Reggie Bush.

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