21-Year Old Caught Playing High School Football

By Eric Domingo
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Telegram Photo – Bashar Alshabi

21-year-old James Nash forged documents and lied about his age to enroll in the Mount Pleasant School District in Michigan.

Nash went under the name Javier Jones and decided to try out for the football team. The young adult made the team, and played four games for Mt. Pleasant before athletic director Jim Conway got a tip from a parent.

After digging up Nash’s file, he realized that the documents were forged and got the police involved.

“What we found is he exceeds (the age requirement),” says Conway.

According to Michigan high school football sport rules, a player cannot be over the age of 19 prior to the first of September to play.

“He was older than 19 on September 1. The student has been removed from Mt. Pleasant Public Schools,” says Conway.

Mt. Pleasant finished the season 4-5 and went 2-2 with Nash. Either Nash didn’t want to draw attention to himself by beating up younger teens, or he wasn’t very good. The District hasn’t decided if the football team has to forfeit their two wins.

I’m very disappointed and shocked in Mt. Pleasant’s school district. How was it that a 21-year-old got into a high school so easily? Did the school not check his records? Nash breaking the rules should send a message to all Michigan and nationwide school districts. Background checks should be done on all student athletes and students. It amazes me that Nash played a whole season with Mt. Pleasant and was only caught at the end of the season.

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