Can Golden Gophers Convince RB Prospect Berkley Edwards They Are Right For Him?

By David Garrett
Jerry Kill Minnesota Golden Gophers
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Back in September, running back prospect Berkley Edwards took an official visit to the Minnesota Golden Gophers. It sounded like it was a good a visit for him and there’s a possibility that they could end up getting a commitment from Edwards. They aren’t the frontrunner, but they’re still definitely in the running.

How will he fit in with the Golden Gophers? Minnesota runs a spread option style offense under head coach Jerry Kill. I was watching them as they took on the Michigan Wolverines. Michigan is tough against the run, but by spreading them out, Minnesota did have some success, just not enough as they were defeated 35-13. I think if they can land Edwards, he could rush for success in this offense.

I think this because Edwards is a speed guy and by having the defense spread out, he can find the holes and hit them. He isn’t very big, but he does break tackles if the defender doesn’t get a clean hit on him. That’s something else that would benefit him in a spread offense like this, where he could be get past the tackler before he knew what was happening.

Minnesota is in the middle of the pack with their rush offense and I think Edwards could help it out. The Golden Gophers do like to put the ball in the air as well. They like to use a lot of motion, ball fakes and play action as well. This is done to confuse the defense, which again will benefit a speed guy like Edwards. An offense like this forces the defense to play their assignments. Many times breaking one tackle could mean a big play and Edwards is a guy you want in that match-up.

Something else they do to put pressure on the defense is they like to run different option plays. This is something that Edwards does a little in high school, but the ones they do are more of a traditional style. Minnesota does use that version, but there’s more of the read style. If they do get Edwards commitment, I would say the Golden Gophers need to do more of the misdirection play. With Edwards speed, many of his highlights he’s breaking that play for big yards.

Edwards could also help them out in the passing game. Screens and passes out of the backfield is a way to get this speedy guy out in space.

There’s still a lot of time before signing day and with Edwards’ season over; he has more time to consider what school he will attend. I think Minnesota is definitely a viable option and he could rack up a lot of yards playing there. I think the Golden Gophers need more speed in their backfield and I think going after Edwards is something that could help them.

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