Will OT Prospect Laremy Tunsil Choose Alabama?

By David Garrett
Nick Saben Alabama Crimson Tide
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

It’s the dream of most athletes to play their respective sport at the highest level. In order to do this you need to have not only the physical attributes and being mentally prepared each game. For football, if you want to make it to the National Football League, picking the right college could be part of the battle. Laremy Tunsil definitely has the physical abilities to play at the highest level. Going to a school that’s known for their offensive line could give him the best preparation to play in the pros. One of his top 4 schools is known for having the best line in college football and that school is the Alabama Crimson Tide. Will their head coach Nick Saban be able to convince him that the Crimson Tide is the best fit for him?

What makes Alabama great is that they recruit very well. This is why I’m not surprised that Tunsil has the Crimson Tide listed among his finalists. Saben knows that to be successful, you need to have a strong offensive line and he goes for the top prospects in the nation to fill it. Something that draws these recruits is that they win.

Saban runs a pro-style offense. A guy like Tunsil will fit in well in it. Saban likes to use a power running game. Tunsil would be an asset with his size and power to help make it work. When the run is straight forward he could probably blowup the guy across from him as a freshman, if he gets to see the field. If they use a play where the tackle needs to pull, Tunsil is a real asset, because for a guy his size he can pull extremely well.

In this pro-style offense, when it comes to pass plays, I think having Tunsil at left tackle, he will protect his quarterback’s blind size and won’t have to worry about his quarterback being blindsided. He has good footwork and with his size and strength, he should be able to give the protection needed for the play to work. It would be good to know that you’re protected by a guy like this.

A downfall to Tunsil going to Alabama is he probably won’t see the field as a freshman and if he does it probably won’t be in a starting role. What makes Saban’s teams so strong is that he does pull in the best recruits year in and year out. He uses his redshirts and players are ready to play by the time hit the field. Tunsil is a rare player, so that could mean he could possible break the curve, but I wouldn’t bank on. Regardless, Saban knows what he’s doing and he almost seems to put the players on the field at the right time.

Alabama is definitely a great place for Tunsil to land if that’s where he decides. Saban will get his chance this week to convince him in person when Tunsil will come this weekend for his official visit to Alabama. Regardless, he will make an impact wherever he chooses.

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