Parent makes Threat after Coach pulls Daughter from Game

By Eric Domingo
Paul Cunningham-US PRESSWIRE


How far would you go to protect your kid? Unfortunately, John J. Kasik made death threats to Lisle’s (Illinois) high school volleyball coach, for benching his daughter. Not only did Kasik make death threats, but also threatened to rape two of the coach’s family members.

According to Lisle’s police department, Kasik was charged with telephone harassment, battery, and disorderly conduct.

“It’s disturbing for a number of reasons…It’s a parent obviously not using good judgment,” says Robert Berlin, DuPage County State’s Attorney.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kasik followed Lisle’s athletic director to his house after the match. Kasik then made threatening calls to the coach’s house later that night.

The Illinois native met with Lisle’s athletic director the following day and the school contacted the police after Kasik became angry.

He was arrested and appeared in court, where his bail was $300,000.

I’m completely disappointed in Kasik’s decision. There is always a civilized way to handle a situation and Kasik was far from civilized. I understand he was defending his kid, but he had no right to give death and rape threats. I personally believe he needs to be evaluated because someone has to be clinically unstable to make those threats to members of someone’s family.

I’m glad the Lisle high school took action as soon as they did and preserved the safety of the volleyball coach’s family. I hope parents from Lisle and all over the country learn to keep their emotions under control, after hearing about Kasik’s actions. Parents should have a discussion with the coach, if they have a issue with how a coach is coaching their child.

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