Tackle Hunter Knighton Schedules Visit To Boise State

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The Boise State Broncos have been a model of consistency the last decade.  You just know, every year, the Broncos will win at least ten games and play in a bowl game.

Granted, the Broncos have taken advantage of some of the weakest conference schedules known to man.  They’ve pounded on fodder from the Mountain West and WAC just like any of the lesser schools from a BCS conference would.  It will be interesting to see how they adjust to a slightly tougher schedule in the Big East next year.

Don’t get me wrong, the Broncos have beaten some good teams when they play them once a year or so.  They’ve had some memorable wins, especially against Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.  We all remember the famed ‘statue of liberty’ play.

Consistency, suffice it to say, has been the name of the game.

One of the beneficial things to such consistency has been national exposure.  And with better national exposure comes a nation-wide recruiting turf.

Boise State is using that to their advantage in their recruitment of one of the more underrated defensive line prospects in the 2013 class- Hunter Knighton.

Knighton, from the famed Hun School in Princeton, New Jersey, is an intriguing prospect at 6’5’’ and 265lbs.  He has the kind of frame that’s incredibly versatile.  He can gain some weight and play a 3 or a 5 tech.  He can shed some pounds and work on getting quicker and faster to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme.

And that’s just on defense.

Knighton could also gain some weight and play along the offensive line, where he has doubled as a starter for the Hun.  But defensive tackle is where he wants to play, and where he’s shown the most potential, especially as a pass rusher.

Needless to say, with such great versatility and potential, you will attract some attention.  Attention coming in the form of 18 different scholarship offers from a wide range of schools, Boise included.

Boise offered Knighton not long ago, and Knighton likes what he hears.  So much so that he’s scheduled a visit to America’s Potato Paradise in Idaho in the middle of this month.  He’s scheduled to see the Broncos take on the Colorado State Rams.

This will be his second official visit, the first being Boston College in early September.  The weekend after Boise, Knighton will head to Purdue, to watch the Boilermakers play the Indiana Hoosiers in their season finale.

Knighton doesn’t know where he wants to play next season, but he’s hoping that this visit to Boise will show him something.  At least if he goes to Boise State, he knows he’s going to be a part of a winning culture, and winning ways.

They are, after all, the model of consistency.

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