Robert Nkemdiche Choosing Family Ties Over Clemson Tigers

By Taylor Johnson

The top recruit in all the land Robert Nkemdiche pulled the old switch-a-roo on the Clemson Tigers and their fans when he decided to go back on his commitment and open the recruiting door once again. But how open is that door exactly?

One has to believe that the Ole Miss Rebels are the front runner now to land Nkemdiche. A big reason for that is his family ties.

Nkemdiche’s brother Denzel plays outside linebacker for the Rebels and is having a pretty decent season going for him thus far. Denzel has recorded 60 total tackles with two sacks and two interceptions to go along with four forced fumbles on the season. Now Denzel did not garner near the attention his younger brother has this year, but is a solid player in his own right. And as anyone who has a brother (I have two older brothers myself) knows, there is nothing like brotherly love. This obviously is a huge factor in the decision making process.

The other major factor, and probably the most important, is Nkemdiche’s mother Beverly. She has been very vocal numerous times that she does not want her son to go to Clemson. She would prefer her two sons to play on the same team every Saturday and play together once again just like they did back in high school.

Being the top recruit in the nation cannot be an easy task. People constantly asking what your plans are, friends wanting you to go here and family wanting you to go there. A lot for an 18 year old to go through I am sure. When Nkemdiche’s makes his final decision is anyone’s guess as it might not happen until national signing day. But when that day does come, I see Nkemdiche joining his brother and making his mother happy by going with the Rebels.

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