Robert Nkemdiche Decommits from Clemson

By Eric Domingo

This week was definitely a sad one for Clemson fans. Recently, Robert Nkemdiche, the nation’s No. 1 football prospect, decommitted from the school’s program.

The 6’5, 265 lbs defensive end committed to Clemson this summer, but has now decided to explore his options.

“I don’t know if he’s so attached to them (Clemson). I’m not sure. Again, I can’t say, He has not expressed to me that he truly, truly wants to be there,” says Beverly Nkemdiche, Robert Nkemdiche’s mother.

Mickey Conn, Grayson’s high school football coach, confirmed Nkemdiche’s decommitment Thursday.

“I think he’s still very interested in Clemson, but he’s got a brother (Denxel) who goes to Ole Miss and he’s got other schools that he likes as well,” says Conn.

Conn believes Nkemdiche is going to clear his mind and make some other visits before he makes his final decision.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, there has been rumors that Nkemdiche was going to decommit from Clemson to join his brother at Ole Miss.

Conn has not confirmed the rumors of Nkemdiche going to Ole Miss, but Nkemdiche’s mother states that she’s going to check with her son about the Ole Miss rumors.

If Nkemdiche were to go to Ole Miss, it would definitely cause Ole Miss to make some noise in the SEC. This season, Nkemdiche had 40 tackles and rushed for nine touchdowns for Grayson high school. He is a very versatile player, that can play both offense and defense.

I believe Nkemdiche should go to Ole Miss. Nkemdiche could team up with his brother and help a struggling Ole Miss team that hasn’t won a division title since 2003.

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