Will Mark Richt Be Able To Keep DT Prospect Montravius Adams in State?

By David Garrett
Mark Richt Georgia Bulldogs
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

With recent reports for some of the top recruits’ mothers are having a say in where their sons are going. One of these players that are having this happen is Montravius Adams, the second best defensive tackle prospect in the nation. Adams and his mother, Debbie Young, recently have visited Athens to see what the Georgia Bulldogs have to offer.

Georgia’s head coach Mark Richt has done a great job in keeping the best recruits to stay in state and that’s what he wants to do with Adams. From the reports about his visit there, both Adams and Young really enjoyed their time. What could be great about this is that Young is going to have a part in the say where her son goes and going to Georgia right now sounds like a good idea to her.

Adams is coming off an impressive showing this week when his high school, Dooley County (Vienna, GA), dominated in their final game of the regular season, 48-0. This marks their second straight shut-out and their 3rd of the season. They now are waiting to see who they will play in the playoffs. With an 8-2 record, I believe that will be good enough to get in. They also fell into a 3-way tie for first place in their conference as well.

Adams would be going to a great fit for him as well. Not only is he from Georgia, but he would be joining a team that right now is sitting at 8-1 and are tied for the lead in their division. The big thing is they are tied with the Florida Gators, who the Bulldogs hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over right now.

Adams would be a great fit into any defense he is plugged into, but if he goes to the Bulldogs he will joining a good squad and will look to make them stronger. I think a guy with his size, 6’3” and 290 lbs; will be able to create a lot of havoc in the interior line. He will only get stronger at his time there, which is hard to believe since right now his bench max is 330 and his squad max is 485. Despite these impress stats, he moves very light on his feet and stays low. He will definitely be difficult to stop in a 4-3 or a 3-4.

With his abilities there’s a good chance that he could see the field as a freshman, especially in the Southeastern Conference. I think with his abilities, he just needs a chance to get into the game and we could see him making waves. I don’t think it will be long before he is in the backfield making plays where ever he ends up.

He hasn’t made his decision yet, but as I said, his mother will probably help him in doing so. He has stated though that he won’t make his final decision until probably signing day, which is still a ways away. A lot could happen between now and then, but as of right now it looks like the Bulldogs are number one on his list.

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