RB Berkley Edwards Holding Out For An Offer From Two SEC Schools

By David Garrett
Berkley Edwards

The talk at the beginning of the year was that all-purpose running back Berkley Edwards would commit to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Iowa is using their wide receivers and tight ends coach Erik Campbell to recruit him, since they’ve known each other since his days at the Michigan Wolverines. Campbell is actually the same guy that recruited his older brother Braylon Edwards to the Wolverines. Edwards could still end up going to Iowa, but the way it is looking now it depends on two schools and if they will offer him a scholarship or not.

The first school is the Alabama Crimson Tide. They have stayed in contact and are continuing talks with Edwards about calling Tuscaloosa home. Personally, I don’t blame Edwards for waiting to see if they will recruitment, but if his goal is to see the field, I think going to Alabama wouldn’t be the best place for him.

I think this because their head coach Nick Saban has already signed two 4 star running backs in this class. What’s good for Edwards though is that Saban likes to use multiple backs and it seems that it doesn’t matter who he plugs in, they all see to be successful. I’m not saying that Edwards won’t see the field and that he couldn’t earn a chance, I just think with the talent that’s already there and the talent that he’s bringing in, Edwards is really going to need to prove that he deserves an opportunity. There’s a possibility that he could work hard and still not get his shot like he could at Iowa.

The other school is the LSU Tigers. Much like Alabama, they have stayed in contact with Edwards and it looks like he’s also waiting to see if they will extend him an offer. His prospects are better in going to the Tigers than to the Crimson Tide, since LSU has signed one running back in this class, but he’s also a 3-star recruit, much like Edwards.

LSU also likes to use a lot of running backs. They’ve given five running backs at least 40 carries this year. The ones who have done the most damage for this team have all been under-classmen as well. The two leading rushers for the Tigers are sophomore or younger. I think that would give Edwards a chance to see the field earlier since it shows Les Miles is willing to play any player that impresses him enough.

If either of these schools offer Edwards, I think he really needs to think about what he’s looking for and what he wants to do in college. I can understand it would be great to go to either of these SEC schools and get a chance to prove what you can do in the best football conference. To me it looks like LSU would be the better fit for Edwards, but I can’t blame him for what he decides to do. If either of these schools gives him an offer, I don’t think he will see the field for a least a year or two. I wouldn’t be surprised if the gets redshirted if he ends up at Alabama or LSU.

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