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Arkansas high school girls basketball team wins 88-0


Going on a winning streak is pretty difficult, but imagine completely shutting a team out. Hall’s high school girls team beat Fair’s high school team 88-0 in Hall’s season opener.

As unbelievable as it sounds, it actually happened. Hall was just incredible throughout the whole game. Their offense seemed like they couldn’t miss and their defense was just stifling.

They dominated the game so greatly that Coach Selita Farr pulled her starters four minutes in the game.

The Lady Warriors at that point led 28-0. It was really weird seeing Hall’s high school girl team not employ their usual full-court press at that time, but they still play great half-court defense with their second unit.

“You just try to go out there and play hard,” says Tyler Scaife, Hall senior girls basketball player.

Scaife led all scores with 20 points. She was the clear MVP of the game, setting the tone in only the first four minutes of the game.

I was really impressed with Hall’s high school girls basketball team. It was some of the best basketball I have ever seen. Although Fair high school has a decent high school girls team it was just incredible to see a team win 88-0. In all my years of watching sports, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team shut out another team the way the Lady Warriors did last week.

Although the Lady Warriors did dominate the whole game, Fair’s high school girls team has had struggles all season. They are 0-3 this season only scoring a total of five points in their last three games.