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The Top 10 Most Overrated 2013 High School Basketball Recruits

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The Top 10 Overrated High School Basketball Prospects

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This week brought the beginning of the signing period for high school basketball athletes. College basketball has also started up, so it seems like as good a time as ever to take a look at some of the incoming recruits for next year. There will be recruits who some of us can't wait to see next year for their respective squads, and as always there will be a few surprise risers as well next year. There are always players like Julius Randle and Jabari Parker who will for sure get a chance to play pro basketball. There is always the other side of the coin though and there will be recruits who were rated highly out of high school, but will struggle with increased pressure and a higher level of play.

This list looks at the players coming out of high school next year, who might be overrated for their particular position. The circumstances are always different; sometimes the competition will just be too much for some of these players at the next level. Sometimes the school or conference that they are entering does not fit their style of play. You also always never know what being away from home for good will do to some of these recruits.

Some of these athletes may prove me wrong and go on to productive college and NBA careers, but some of them will not as well. If you agree or disagree with any of my choices, then please rant your comments below. This was a tough list to dwindle down, but thank you for reading and I appreciate all comments.

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10. Isaac Hamilton:

US PRESSWIRE-Spruce Derden

Hamilton can score effortlessly, and at UTEP he will definitely get a chance to do that, but Hamilton might get lost in the shuffle next year. He needs to increase his size and also ball handling, so that he can use his scoring ability to help out his teammates more.

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9. Rondae Jefferson:


This one I might be wrong about it. Jefferson has the will to get to the rim, but his struggles from the 3-point line might give him trouble next year. He still will find ways to contribute at Arizona, but the Pac-10 is tough. Jefferson will bring enough quality rebounding, but he will need to become more of a scorer like Derrick Williams was at Arizona to make noise next year.

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8. Demetrius Jackson:

US PRESSWIRE- Anthony Gruppuso

I believe going to the ACC would have been the best for Jackson, but he does have the opportunity to be the hometown hero for Notre Dame. “It was really tough,” said his AAU Coach Rod Creech of Jackson’s decision .“I don’t know if it was one thing, but the ability to be in front of his hometown family and friends was huge. Also I think the ACC was huge. I think those were the two things that weighed most heavy on his heart.” I think his style of play would have been better at Florida State, but he will do his best for the Irish next year.

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7. Tyler Ennis:

US PRESSWIRE- Christopher Hanewinckel
US PRESSWIRE- Christopher Hanewinckel

Ennis is a true point guard; he looks to distribute first and score later. He doesn't quite have the speed to succeed with his style of play though, unless he can improve his jump sot. I also wonder if Ennis will be able to keep up in Syracuse's famed 2-3 zone.

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6. Robert Hubbs:

US PRESSWIRE- Crystal LoGludice

Hubbs can really score around the basket, but he will be going up against Kentucky for his whole college career. He is 6'4" and 170 lbs and might struggle to attack the basket against the top teams in the SEC. He will be a go-to player for the Volunteers and he so he should definitely work on his jumper before next year.

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5. Eric Mika:

US PRESSWIRE- Derick Hingle

Mika is the #10 ranked center on; he is from Highland, Utah and will be going to BYU. I feel that with Mika's size and skill he could have developed better as a player in a larger conference. He might be a big fish in a small pond at BYU, but I don't think Mika will develop as well.

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4. Kennedy Meeks:

US PRESSWIRE- Jeremy Brevard

I put Meeks on here for the simple reason that he will probably struggle in Roy Williams' up tempo offense. The Tar Heels also have great front-court depth so Meeks might struggle to get much playing time which is why I think he might be overrated for next year.

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3. Sindarius Thornwell:


I question whether Thornwell has the size to succeed in the SEC next year. He is a verbal commitment to South Carolina and he will be called upon early and often to produce for the Gamecocks. He might be a player who succeeds more his sophomore or junior year, but he may struggle during his freshman year.

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2. Anthony Barber:


I actually like Barber’s game, but he may struggle in conference play next year. His nickname is the “Cat” and I’m excited to see him play in the ACC. He has committed to North Carolina State and should improve their team greatly. The reason I’m going overrated here is because Barber may have trouble with Duke and North Carolina next year. He also needs to improve his improve his outside shot to prevent defenses from going zone on him.

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1. Andrew Wiggins:

US PRESSWIRE- Daniel Shirey

Wiggins is one of those prospects that are just super long and athletic. He has shown improvement with his long range shooting, but he really needs to develop his strength to succeed at the next level. He should get a chance at a high profile program. Wiggins is considering offers from Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio State, and Syracuse.